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We are BACK! (AGAIN!!!!)


Let’s get to this big bad show!


C Bomb’s trip to Hong Kong

Jamie Lannister’s non-appearance at Perth Supanova, but WE will be there!


Our pal Jarrad from Bang3r Photography will be helping/joining us!


Giant Godzilla shirt!

We now know what a Loot Crate is! YAY!

We now know what the Fragdolls are! BOO!

Check out The Attitude Era Podcast! It’s awesome!

Sun bears are the ursine equivalent of Mitch Hedberg

Barefeet in public = Rocket to the sun



UFP Crew questions and talk topics!

-          World cup and German Booger handshakes

-          E3, a.k.a. Sequel Mania’s highlights

-          Jason Momoa cast as Aqua man in a movie we won’t see for decades

-          Trailer Trashing with Tammy

-          Cliffhanger remake and why it will fail



-          R.I.P. Rik Mayall

-          R.I.P. Casey Kasem

-          IKEA threatens tiny site with legal action because they’re awesome

-          Sia tries to put a small Mom and Pop dry cleaner out of business because she’s a horrendous c*nt



-          Game of Thrones season finale sets new piracy records and Choice magazine says Foxtel is to blame

-          Josh Brolin confirmed as Thanos for future Marvel Movies

-          Vincent D’onofrio cast as Kingpin in the new Netflix Daredevil series

-          CBBC is bringing Danger Mouse back to our screens

-          Colin Firth drops out as the voice of Paddington Bear

-          Gantz full series review

-          Empty Man #1 Review

-          Original Sins #1

-          United States of Murder Inc review

-          Scooby Doo reboot announced right after Casey Kasem’s death

-          Power Puff Girls returning

-          Angrybirds Transformers…. WHY THE F*CK?!?!?


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