Ultimate Facepalm
Jedi marriage ceremonies, James Franco won't bang Lilo and "OH NO!" to UNO TV Show!

MERRY EASTER U-F-PIANS! It's a very respectful, toned-down and early podcast for your enjoyment here.

If you fancy a gander, let's get to it...

Our Easter wish is for Michael Bay to move back into accountancy

 People love Scooby-Doo but the series spawned some of the most reviled characters in animation history

UFP Crew questions

Pistorious' fans are as insanely ludicrous as the notion of his innocence

James Franco was, at one point of his life SO BAKED, he turned down sex with LiLo

Pathetic or Genius? Hotel made of cake!

Cottesloe City Council loves their seaside art and raping people who enjoy seaside art

If Easter wasn't painful enough, ALL the camping sites are overloaded!

Steve Miller and Paul Simon are both STILL horrible

Foxtel tries to "Out-fox" digital piracy (but will still lose)

Barbara Walters; Hopefully retiring from life in 2014


The return of Game of Thrones and Dr Who

Mark Millar's Secret Service movie in 2014

Zeb Wells and Paco Medina take over Nova

Mattel attempts to make the card game UNO into a TV show

Wonder Woman porn parody

Brian K Vaughan and Marco Martin with the online only Private Eye

Hello Kitty and KISS team up for a TV Series

Gorillaz do Monkey: Journey to the West

Jedis to perform marriage ceremonies

Hideo Kojima Announces Metal Gear Solid 5

Gung ho merges with Grasshopper to work on the latest project

New The Wolverine trailers

The Sim City shitstorm continues!

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Flipping the script on Adam Sandler, a source says LiLo is still great and Chrissie Swan resembles haunted mashed potato

Greetings UFP Crew! Here the latest show and it tangents so hard that it takes a minute or so to get to the show's intro!

Here we go!
C Bombs embarrassing tribute to ECW's finest in his youth (while on the job)
Infomercial fuck ups
Pathetic or Genius? Plastic bags over your shoes while riding a motorcycle in the rain
UFP OF THE WEEK! L-plated car with the license plate "Thumperz" and had giant tribal tattoo decals on the bottom of the windows
How fucked up was A A Milne
UFP Crew asks us what we think about Shaun Micallef's career
Chrissie Swan's spawn and the horrendous shitpile that is Can of Worms
With the advent of the smartphone, washing your hands after toilet time is irrelevant (accord to C Bomb anyways)
We flip the script on Adam Sandler to make it slightly more watchable
Is there a fat weirdo in The Hunger Games?
Perth men love Chinese hookers
LiLo is still rubbish
Captain America 2: Georges St-Pierre to play Batroc the Leaper
New teaser trailer for latest Wolverine movie
Warren Ellis and Mike Mchone: Avengers Endless Wartime
Breaking Bad Script theft
Marvel Now: Secret Avengers
Justice League of America is very good
Video game roundup: Bioshock Infinite, God of War Ascension, Gears of War Judgement and the latest Tomb Raider
Arnold Schwarzenegger to induct Bruno Sammartino into the WWE Hall Of Fame
X-Pac's torn anus
The Host is a piece of shit (DUH right?)
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Amanda Bynes has become Nicki Minaj crossed with Soulja Boy, John Laws in three words; stupid old irrelevant and DC Comics shitfight.

We're BACK! Not that we were gone that long.... Big show full of the usual crap for you here. On today's show....

Wedding song lists and where they can go wrong.
Beware: Inexperienced thieves operate in this area.
We answer the UFP Crew Questions!
Ryan Gosling: Is he REALLY that good looking?
John Laws is a stupid old irrelevant cunt that should just die already.
Joe Weider passes away.
"Medicos" say that drunks need to be shamed and we whole-heartedly agree.
Minaj and JLo jealous of all THIS! 
Some nobody named "Soulja boy" ripping on Lil Wayne and so Anonymous felt they should step in.
Amanda Bynes has become Nicki Minaj crossed with Soulja Boy.
Robert Redford in Captain America 2
Marvels Original Graphic Novel: Warren Ellis and Mike McKone
Age Of Ultron BIG character return is revealed (Spoilers!)
Chris Claremont coming to Perth for Supanova!
G Money looks at 5 Ghosts, Constantine #1 and the latest Die Hard movie; A good Day to Die Hard.
Andy Diggle fucks off DC, Fiallkov also leaves Green Latern Core and joins Ultimates on Marvel!
G Money opens a can of verbal kick ass on DC (again!)
Duck Tales remastered.
Arkham-style TMNT game on the cards.
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Lil Wayne is Nicki Minaj in drag, street performers smashing douchebags and MILK INSURANCE (patent pending)

It's very green and festive here on the show today..... Well, not really, but think it and be it right?

Anyways, here we go!
St Patrick's Day: No fucks given
Putin's just a big jazz fan too
Maggie Grace is Josh Thomas
TSAs now allowing blades on planes: Greaser's Rejoice 
C Bomb explains his "Million dollar idea": Milk Insurance (patent pending)
"Do you know Stanley?"
Killing terrorists with iPads
Nicki Minaj still proves how utterly irrelevant she is and how it's all about her
Lil Wayne is Nicki Minaj in drag
Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer attacking Perth motorists (we think)
Awesome street performers bustin' chops of mega douches 
Erin McNaught struggles to maintain relevancy
New Pope: Old-fashioned
Veronica Mars Kickstarter of the movie
Batista cast as Drax the Destroyer
New Kick Ass 2 trailer is killer (literally) 
DC Cancels Insurgent
Age of Ultron, Batman, Thor, Alpha
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Innaloo sluts, Jason Momoa and The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

After C Bomb pussing out from last week, we're back to present to you another delicious offering of UFP goodness!

On the latest....
C Bomb is less than impressed by his new job
Brand new Catholic trading cards
Sluts at Innaloo.... You know the ones we're talking about
Funnily enough, Justin Beiber and 1D are not marketed to C Bomb and G Money
Johnny Depp's dress sense
Female only floors on hotels
Johnny Rotten spruiking butter on Judge Judy
ZZ Top's dedication to Judaism 
Anthony Jeselnik: Not really funny
C Bomb checks out The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
G Money checked out the Perth leg of Oz Comic Con
Jason Momoa's panel appearance
 Catwoman: The Unwatchable Movie
Singer drops the curtain about Apocalypse in the next X Men movie (maybe)
Superior Spiderman
Daredevil End of Days
Age of Ultron
Watchmen: Dr Manhattan
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Russell Crowe, co-owner of South Sydney Rabbitohs and Twitter fan, Ronald McDonald's handies and Troy Buswell: Pedophile


We've gone all Mexican-tastic here on Ultimate Facepalm!!!!.... Well actually, we're really haven't. It was a rather poor attempt to be perfectly honest...... Anyways... let's get onto something else.
Ronald McDonald gives killer handies
Captain Munchies Returns! (on your bike tummy rumbles)
Voting blows, but it's the best way to keep the liberals out!
Braun was built like a butt plug and Powerglide like a dildo
Don't you DARE confuse Mark Wahlberg with Channing Tatum!
Troy Buswell is as bad as a pedophile
Colin Barnett enrages thousands of local metalheads
More KILLER journalism via the local media outlets
Tristan Barker is STILL an utter piece of shit
Keep Calm and commit sex crimes
Russell Crowe, co-owner of South Sydney Rabbitohs and Twitter fan (NOT to be confused the Oscar winning actor)
New reviews of IKEAs new cake, "A little shitty"
William "Paul Bearer" Moody's passing
Dexter series to finish (Thanks for the spoilers Les!)
Emerald City Comic Con news
100 Bullets follow up called Brother Lono
Kevin Smith and Geoff Johns comic for DC
Ray Fawkes/Daniel Sampere on Pandora
New Plastic Man
Omar Sy as Bishop
Female Ventriloquist in Batgirl
Green Lantern Animated series cancelled
New Iron Man 3 trailer
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Weet bix is what they serve for breakfast in hell, Deaths in comics and Nickelback are bad, but not CREED bad!
Greetings to our delightful UFP Crew!
Quite a big show on the cards (like every third child in a family, we didn't plan it that way, it just happened), so without further adieu, we bring you....
Our endorsement of enriching 1970s bully character sitcom stereotypes
Flip-charts are NOT funny!!!
WA is fat, and I ain't down with that!
We answer YOUR questions!!!
No-one in Australia cares about the team in the World Baseball Classic
Australian Media's fist-fucking flip-flops
We're too dumb for flying cars
We have no strong opinion of Jim Jefferies' nationality 
Nickelback are bad, but not as bad as CREED!
The State Election, or as we like to call it, "The illusion of democracy"
Oz Comic Con: We'll see you there (?)
Weet-bix IS NOT FOOD!!!!
Tristan Barker: Future prison currency
Joan Rivers rules says C Bomb (don't ask G Money though)
Anthony Mundine is STILL a dick!
New product for imbeciles who happen to fall into money: Solid gold iPhone 5 case
Casting announcements for new amazing Spiderman
Gail Simone's new Red Sonja
Willem Defoe announced to be on board in the upcoming Quantic Dream release; Beyond: Two Souls
Quick looks at 
Punisher War Zone
Uncanny Avengers
Guardians of the Galaxy
Young Avengers
Uncanny X Men
Avengers Arena
Deaths in comics: Good or Bad?
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