Ultimate Facepalm
UFOS in Perth, Nike’s genius marketing and if buying Dead Island Riptide you might end up with a better game

Big show here with a lot of questions from our crew to get through.

Let’s bust it!


Wolverhampton Wanderers do just that in a pitch invasion

Scary Movie at 5% on Rotten Tomatoes is exactly 4% too high

We answer our UFP crew’s questions:

-          The Rhonda and Katut Saga comes to a superpowered end

-          All conspiracy theories are dumb, but which bug us the most?

-          Lisa Scaffidi need more monies!

-          Boxed Whine gives us a thoughtful question about morals and free will (ß THESE guys!)

-          The origins of our stupid accents!

We look at Australia’s fringe benefits despite it being the most expensive country in the world (yet we didn’t manage to find any)

UFOS! They exist in Darlington! But only on a $600 camera and only after 20000 photos of coulds.

McDonalds burgers are indestructible!

The Tumblr that follows a thief’s love of chubby porn (Yeah, THAT old cliché!)

Folk music crowds aren’t as mellow as you’d think

Nike’s genius-stroke in marketing


C2E Comic Con 2013 relases

Joss Whedon announces Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch will appear in Avengers 2

Chew TV series scuppered by Keifer Sutherland casting/Showtime

Johnny Mnemonic TV series

3 new Garth Ennis titles from Avatar

DC’s Villains Month

Jupiter’s Legacy

Young Avengers

Pizza Hut app for Xbox

New JRPG game/company with Amano and Uematsu attached

We care less about video games when we get older

Shigeru Miyamoto spotted at the Louvre

People who bought Dead Island Riptide got a better game instead

Breast-scented cell phone straps 

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Iron Man 3, Click Frenzy has nothing to do with Decepticons and The Zelda Movie

BIG episode with all things movies, click frenzy and even a “Celebrity” interview!

Let’s have at it!


Talkin Facebook poll results

A short spoiler –free Iron Man 3 review

We talk shitty movies that we would walk out on

Madonna’s drunk, homeless brother

Darren Devlyn, FUCK OFF!

Our exclusive interview with Brynne Edelsten!

“Maroon 5 blasphemy” I say!

Henry Rollins jumps the snake in his latest show

Click Frenzy should be ashamed of itself


Thor 2 trailer

Damon Lindelof attached to Star Trek into Darkness (RUN!)

Daredevil comes home to Marvel

Lee Pace in contract negotiations upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy

X-Factor and Gambit possibly cancelled

Azrael in Batman Inc

Dead Island Riptide recent release

The Konami Code turns 27!

The Zelda Movie (more of a documentary)

Beyond: Two Souls script in printed form is ridiculous

Some dumb bint wants to be Wolverine (maybe)

Lionsgate In talks to adapt Uber


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Mark Wahlberg’s blind auditions, Zombieland TV and Pokemon, Digimon or Yu-gi-oh!?

Welcome and greetings UFP Crew!

Another show in the can, let’s get to it!

Paula Abdul and MC Skat Kat

We’re too wild for Soundcloud!

We answer YOUR questions and blab about your talk topics

Rolf Harris, much like his victims, is well and truly boned

Celebrity Reality Show Shitstorm Round Up!

How many celebrities does G Money know?


Tom Hiddleston as The Crow

R.I.P.D. Trailer has dropped

Justin Theroux rumoured to be cast as Dr Strange

Zombieland TV show now out and looks terrible

Dexter 8 will be the final season

Black Sails trailer looks reasonable

Rogue Legacy on Steam

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 5

Gaming Badges for Boy and Girl Scouts of America

Earthbound (Mother 3) to be released via DLC on WiiU

Final Fantasy mixed with Animal Crossing creates, Fantasy Life

Nerd Fashion that will make you unpopular in Japan

Injustice: God Among Us

Shit band of the week! The Original Rudeboys

Patton Oswalts Star Wars Filibuster-style rant 

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Urinal usage, Aubrey Plaza’s forced relevancy and Anne Hathaway and James Franco give birth to “Anne Franco” who is NOT a Belieber

Hello and greetings one and all! We are fortunate to even bring you a show this time around!

Details are in the show itself, so without further ado, let’s get to it!

Urinal pissing: Have YOUR say in our Facebook poll (Dooooooooooooooo iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!)

Perth roads are STILL a fucking nightmare!

Anne Frank is NOT a Belieber

Ultimate Facepalm of the week! “Heavy drinking balcony fall victim sues”

Black Caviar retires! Meanwhile, no fucks are given!

Millwall does not fail to disappoint with fighting horses and/or each other

Vitalii Sediuk to face either both Klitschko brothers or “global exile” due to being a pain in the ass

No one’s taking Lil’ Wayne’s car. His dignity on the other hand…..

Ozzy fucked up or sober; more or less the same dude

Alan Jones blames “Left wing students” for Boston Bombing and our hate for him never ends

Australian Media ALWAYS needs to be the center of attention


Man of Steel Trailer 3

Jamie Foxx new Electro pics

Danny Woodburn cast as Master Splinter in Michael Bay’s TMNT

Peter Panzerfaust: Elijah Wood, Summer Glau and Ron Perlman cast for V/O roles in the motion comic

Catching Fire trailer

Rebel Wilson’s shitty job on the MTV Movie Awards

Louis CK cable series

Aubrey Plaza is a super blowhard (no shit right)

Michael Rooker cast as Yondu Udonta in Guardians of the Galaxy

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“like an eel up a Chinese dude’s ass”, The Hangover 3 and Batman and Red Robin


Pretty grumpy podcast this time around (So what’s new right?!)

Let’s get to it…

Perth road works up for a Nobel prize in town planning

Perth Buskers on the other hand, are pretty rockin’!

Miss Kitty’s Saloon is putting the “pou” in “poutine”

Daft Punk new album release

Thom Yorke knows all!

Bank staff dressed as clowns

Lion Air air crash

Of course G Money know where “Transdental electromicide" is from!

The Chinese are so bored they’ve resorted to sticking eels up his ass

Alex Perry; Still looks like cum

“Who the fuck is Aaron Neville?!”


Thor 2 trailer to drop soon

Filth trailer drops

Iron Man Exhibitions in Disneylands

Mark Millar’s Secret Service

The Hangover 3

Saga #12 controversy

Batman and Red Robin

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The Logies, Elysium and Bob Odenkirk replaces the RZA to create “The Jew-Tang Clan”

Hello to the big four-oh! Can you believe it? 40 eps! It truly shows that shit on the internet knows no bounds!


Right let’s get it on!


Russell Howard: What a cock


The Australian Voice shit fest continues


Eric Stonestreet DOESN’T live in Australia


Bruno Mars Vs Kratos


Asher Keddie is Australia’s Sarah Jessica Parker


What an absolute shitmess the Logies are


Sliders originated from Neighbours


Thatcher is dead. Hear G Money’s thoughts


Bob Hawk’s endorsement of Alan Bond proves what an utter cunt he is




Questions from UFP Crew about the Walking Dead and movie re-casts


New Walking Dead game (FPS) is no good


Black Pather in Avergers 2


Elysium trailer (HOE-LEE-SHEEEIT!)


Batman Arkham Origins for release later this year


Warm Bodies and GI Joe Retaliation movie reviews


Bob Odenkirk replaces the RZA to create “The Jew-Tang Clan”

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Tyler Perry looks like a thinner Cleveland Jr, Gary the Goat’s court battle and Anchorman 2

BOOM! Show 39 already? Screw the BS, let’s get onto it! (The OTHER BS)


Tyler Perry still making waves with his latest piece of shit “Temptation” and looks like a slightly less fat Cleveland Jr


Hank Hill does PROPANE!!


M Night, Tyler Perry, Michael Bay and Uwe Boll in “Shit”


Jarred Gillett, blind piece of shit and horrendous ref


American Idol ruins music (AGAIN!!!)


We answer YOUR UFP talk topics and questions!


Gary the Goat’s court victory!


Kangaroos are greater than Geese




Kim Jong Un looking at things


Minors buying dangerous stuff online


Injustice: Gods Among Us




Britney Griner making a potential move to the NBA




R.I.P. Roger Ebert and Carmine Infantino


Christopher Walken in Highlander (???)


Do not fuck with Paddington Bear


Nicole Kidman in Anchorman 2


Ryan Gosling in Only God Forgives


“Pain and Gain” causes pain to more than just the idiots who decide to see the movie


Click Frenzy is “back” (as it wasn’t really ever here initially)


Lucasarts closing


Quick reviews: Thanos Rising, Uber and Detective Comics 900




Re-classified Mortal Kombat re-released in Australia



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Fat shaming, The Walking Dead and Rolf Harris: Pedophile

Well third times a charm (as we said on the show)

Fuck ups aside here is the show....
Counting Crows run down by a big yellow taxi
It's all about the marmalade
Richard Dawkins will never be a "Sir"
Pedophile Park was packed
We answer your UFP Crew questions!
Walking dead finale
"Fat shaming" and "thin privilege" 
Will comics ever stop be printed and go fully digital?
Josh Thomas' "Please like me"
Swine flu is back and with a brand new attitude
Tristan Barker sentenced to prison rimming in June
Fuckin' Holdens yah cunt!
Rolf Harris might want to escape to Iceland soon
Finding Nemo 2 confirmed
Del Toro confirms Constantine 
Mark Waid doing the Rocketeer and will be bringing back The Spirit
Misfits will be ending on season 5
Frank Cho's Liberty Meadows on Kickstarter in September
Booster Gold returns!
Superior Foes of Spider-Man
Inhumans by Matt Fractions with a heavy Game of Thrones influence
Transformers 4 get a giddyup from the Chinese government
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