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Dr Who 50th anniversary simulcast , M Night’s Twilight Zone reboot and Eiichiro Oda: Get well soon!

Alllllllllllllllllllllrighty! Strap yourselves in folks for this episode is, as they say, a doozy!


Children with absurd names due to absurd parents

G Money’s wrap on The Wolverine

If a Guardians of the Galaxy is happening, an X Force movie is definitely going to happen

Is North West’s middle name “Bynorth”?

Masterchef loses the plot on its own, already weak, premises.

Slideshow looks like it should’ve been on Blue Peter 30 years ago

Where can we go to get some REAL NEWS!?!


UFP Crew Questions

-          M Night’s potential TV future with a The Twilight Zone reboot

-          The cost of comics in Australia

-          Publishing Daredevil in braille

-          Shoutout to @MetalObsessed

-          The proof of friendship

-          How we feel about John Robertson moving to the UK

-          Legit scary movies

-          Our plans for the next conventions appearances in Perth

-          G Money’s comic trade recommendations

-          Our “hidden gems” when it comes to movies

-          Quick additional thoughts on The Wolverine

-          BJs on the Armadale line and gay tourists not welcome in Russia

-          Fantasy swapping FB feeds

-          Lawrence Mooney thinks he’s Paul Mooney

-          Wolverine: The Musical

-          The water in Australian toilets




-          Dr Who 50th anniversary edition will drop simulcast worldwide

-          47 Ronin trailer

-          2000AD official petition for a Dredd sequel

-          Amazing Spiderman 2 pics and footage coming out, funnily enough, not of Spiderman

-          Eiichiro Oda still in hospital (Get well soon!)

-          Competitive Gaming now recognised as a professional sports

-          Driving cars using NES joypads

-          First reviews of The Ouya

-          Reviews of the Earthbound re-launch on WiiU

-          Defend a killer whale in court with the a new DLC for the latest Phoenix Wright game!

-          Nightcrawler series now called Amazing X Men and done by Jason Aaron and Ed McGuiness

-          Fight Club sequel the graphic novel

-          Sacha Baron Cohen walks on Freddie Mercury biopic


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Walter White as the new Dr Who, Orson Scott Card disappears and Appleman: “WAAR! WAAR! WAAR!”

Early drop but a short one (we apologize for those of you who like our normal filibuster eps) but we’ll be back to our normal long-form show by the next drop.

Now let’s get onto it!


Gene Hackman IS The Wolverine


UFP Crew Questions

-          Battle Royale/The Hunger Games

-          The Best Doctor (Who)

-          Orson Scott Card disappearing act

-          Comic titles we’d take over and what we’d do with them



British comic Mel Smith’s passing (R.I.P.)

Glee’s song tribute to Corey Monteith along with some song suggestions

South Australian boy pretends to be girl on Facebook and gets friends to send him nudes



Eisner Awards!

Best Series – Saga

Best Writer – Brian K Vaughan

Best Writer/artist – Chris Ware

Best Penciller – David Aja and Chris Samnee (Tie)

Best Covers – David Aja

Best Coloring – Dave Stewart

Best Kids Publication – Adventure Time

Best Graphic Album – Building Stories


Simpsons/Family Guy crossover!

South Park: Stick of Truth will NOT feature DLC content

Agents of SHIELD first ep debut at SDCC

First footage and trailer for the Robocop remake

Kick Ass 2 red band trailer

Simpsons and Futurama crossover

Hellboy 3 to come

Prometheus comic from Dark Horse

Halo comic from Dark Horse

Tomb Raider by Gail Simone

Venture Bros art book

The Maxx and Hellboy artist editions

New ongoing Nightcrawler book

Deadpool Vs Carnage

Wolverine: Origin 2

Batman and Son animated movie

Assault on Arkham animated movie

Mark Gatiss cast in Game of Thrones

Tom Taylor steps up to writing on Earth 2 and Doom Patrol



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SDCC 2013, The Wolverine review and PAX AUS

VERY nerdy show today off the back of all the happenings (Nothing to do with M Night thankfully) at SDCC and big The Wolverine movie review!

Let’s have a look-see…..


Superhero porn

Drive through liquor stores: Only in Australia?

Shameful McDonalds eaters

G Money give his quick thoughts on Pacific Rim


UFP Crew Questions

-          The Collective Movie Experience

-          Catching Fire/The Hunger Games

-          Additional thoughts on the Deadpool game


MOVIE REVIEW – The Wolverine


NERD NEWS at 1 hour 26 mins



-          Superman/Batman movie in 2015

-          The Flash in 2016

-          Justice League by 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy casting confirmations

-          Lee Pace as Ronan the Accuser

-          Karen Gillan as Nebula

-           Djimon Hounsou as Koranth

-          Benicio Del Toro as The Collector

X Men: Days of Future Past

-          Bishop, Wolverine, Kitty Pride, Storm, Magneto, Xavier

-          Peter Dinklage as Boliver Trask

Avengers 2: Age of Ultron





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Marvel casting rumours, Edgar Wright: Defender of Man of Steel and Australians and Science don’t mix

A very disorganized show (a shock right) and it came out sorta….. asshole.


The Big Bang Theory is a horrible show

Sucker Punch is a horrible movie

C Bomb’s High School Counsellorship and his hatred for graffiti


UFP Crew Questions!

Favorite foods

Marvel Casting Rumours!

-          Joseph Gordon Levitt to play Doctor Strange

-          Days of Future Past: Peter Dinklage will be playing Boliver Trask

-          James Marsden to return at Cyclops

-          Josh Helman to play William Stryker



Spilled KY Lube cause evacuation

Tennessee doctors are busy diagnosing “Ghetto Booty”

Australians and Science don’t mix!

Corey Monteith: He died doing what he loved.

Rolling Stone: We wish they would just die



NERD NEWS @ 1 hour 3 mins

-          Robert Downey Jr gets all the moneys

-          Paranormal Activity 5 to be possibly be pushed back

-          Edgar Wright comes to the defence of Man of Steel

Review - Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

Review – Beware the Batman

-          Ongoing Harley Quinn by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner

-          Cullen Bunn on Heroes (the TV series) for Dynamite

-          Palmiotti to also do a 6 part mini for Painkiller Jane at Icon

-          Howard Chaykin to do Shadow: Midnight in Moscow

-          IGN readers (amongst many other people) won’t be buying the Xbox One

-          The Ultimate Warrior is still Ultimate and in fact, a Warrior

-          HUGE backlash on Plants Vs Zombies 2’s freemium model

Weekly game releases

16 July 2013

Mamorukun Curse!

PlayStation 3

18 July 2013

Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time

iPhone, Android

22 July 2013

Runescape 3


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X-Force movie, Green Lantern colors and a depressed Hideo Kojima

VERY French beginning to the show! But don’t let that stop you from listening!


C Bomb UNSEEING The Wolverine

Perth’s Nexus Collectables Fair

G Money is starring in the next series of Kyle XY

Make sure you check out our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/UltimateFacepalmUFP

Dirty Blonde giving C Bomb dirty looks

Homeless dudes now have no excuse to being filthy if they are near a gas station

The Vandals are FAR superior to The Offspring


UFP CREW Questions

-          The airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow

-          Terrible people

-          Johnny Depp’s amazing “portrayal” of a Native Americans

-          Izzy “Al Jolson” Azalea

-          Go get yourself a burrito…. But not between the hours of 3pm to 5pm!

-          What we’d do all day if we were pigs

-          Our picks for WWE Money in the bank matches

-          Zimmerman Trial Verdict

-          The Lanterns from the Green Lanterns, their powers and what to read if you’re getting back into Green Lantern



Brazilian man killed by a cow falling through his roof

A sad, pathetic narcissist is trying to sue Gucci over his $800 manbag


NERD NEWS at 1 hour 12 mins!!!

-          Fantomex Max ongoing series by Andrew Hope and Shaun Crystal

-          Inhumanity by Matt Fraction

-          Marvel Knights returns!!!

Matt Kindt with Spider-Man

Brahm Revel with X-Men

Joe Keatinge with Hulk

-          Summer Glau in season 2 of Arrow

-          Actor’s likenesses in comics

-          TV Shows to be perpetuated in comic form

-          X-Force movie going ahead and to be directed by Jeff Wadlow (Kick Ass 2)

-          Hugh Jackman pushing for Wolverine to feature in The Avengers

-          Sharknado: It’s dumb

-          Adam Sandler attacked by the world’s most-liked Cheetah

-          Comic-Con backpacks hurt my brain!

-          Zachary Quinto asserts Star Trek 3 could be filming as early as next year

-          Johnny Depp to star in Alice in Wonderland 2 AND Pirates of the Caribbean 5

-          New Street Fighter 4 announced Evo 2013

-          Ducktales Remastered to be released in August across the US

-          Hideo Kojima depressed by GTA V

-          New Peter Parker: Spider-Man 5 issue mini by David Morrell (Rambo)

-          Red Sonja by Gail Simone already in 3rd print (ie GET IT NOW!!!!)

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Pacific Rim review, Oldboy and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen will be extraordinarily horrible

PHEW! Long-ass show today! Lots to get through so here you go!



New Simpsons might be turning it around

Coining phrases such as “One-handed Ad” and “Gayer than Baz Luhrmann’s browsing history”

The “Jobs” cardboard cut-out may make you not want to see the movie

Another reason why we do the Podcast is revealed (and it’s in relation to a highly implausible scenario)

New vids are up on our YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/UltimateFacepalmUFP

Assholes….. Just….. assholes.



Shithead DJ who drove nurse to kill herself is now suing her employers

Getting SO drunk you want to pretend you’re Rebel Wilson

Here’s one for you for free, DON’T visit the Legoland Discovery Centre at the Ontario tourism centre without a child with you



Pacific Rim

Despicable Me 2



Kick Ass 2 review shall be forthcoming

RIPD Movie

Vin Diesel meeting with Marvel

Which was worse; Nic Cage in Ghost Rider or Shaq in Steel?


NERD NEWS! @ 1 hour 30 mins

Oldboy remake

Ales Kot off Suicide Squad

Andrew Hope to write an ongoing Fantomex series

Fox to pick up League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series (and it will more than likely horrible)

Curse of Chucky will be released to no audience

Live action Jungle Book adaptation

Sandman Overture, 6 issues being released bi-monthly

New TV spot for Agents of SHIELD

Smash Brother will now be streaming

Rockstar Job listing hints at PC port for GTA5

Assassin’s Creed IV manga to be released in Jump X on August 10

Game releases for the week:


-          11 July 2013

         Star Wars Pinball

         Wii U


         Toki Tori 2



         Tiny Thief




-          12 July 2013

         Dynasty Warriors 8

         Xbox 360, PlayStation 3



-          14 July 2013

         Mega Man Unlimited






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Hellboy 3, Holly Willoughby Vs Katie Hopkins and Luigi’s Mansion 2: More popular than Reef Doctors

Back to our usual bloated near 2-hour format. Hope you enjoy the feast of bollocks talking!

Hipster news: Jim Kelly’s Passing

Bane is now a judge on So you think you can dance

C Bomb’s hate for MasterChef knows no bounds!

Official Statistic: Luigi’s Mansion 2 is more popular than Reef Doctors

Do people from Memphis hate Elvis?


UFP Crew questions

Movie review undertakings

Reminding people what a piece of shit Iron Man 3 was

New Perth comic store thoughts

When Pikachu isn’t Pikachu

Holly Willoughby loses her cool with Katie Hopkins in ANOTHER class row on 'This Morning’



News.com.au COMPLETELY shits the bed on a story about a local surfer who got detained in the Congo


NERD NEWS @ 1hr and 1 min

DC’s Damian: Son of Batman

Rafael Albuquerque on art for Animal Man

Possible Disney Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon

Guillermo Del Toro pushing for another Hellboy movie or even an Abe Sapien or BRPD TV Series

Both Hideo Kojima and Kayne West endorsements of Pacific Rim

The Goon sequel in the works

The Last of Us devs answer dumb questions

G Money’s Comic Reviews!

-          Lazarus 4/5

-          Uncanny 4.5/5

-          Batman Superman Art: 5/5 Writing: 3.5/5

-          Superior Foes of Spiderman 4/5

-          What if? 2.5/5


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Supanova Perth, Image Comics Expo and Captain Planet: THE MOVIE

A short one (due to our Man Of Steel review) to keep you going until Sunday. Let’s have at it!


SUPANOVA wrap up

We play our new game “G Money Guesses Groupon!!!!!”

UFP Crew Questions

-          Florida Vs George Zimmerman

-          Douchebags at Supanova

-          Jim Carrey about Kick Ass 2



“Comedian” Josh Thomas once again, pushes the boundary of the definition of “Comedian”

Fifi Box once again, pushes the boundary of “relevancy“

Texan teens Justin Carter hauled off to jail for bad taste FB comments

Will.i.am Vs Pharrell



Neil Gaiman’s American Gods signed for 6 seasons on HBO

Vertigo releases

-          Hinterkind by Ian Edgington

-          The Discipline by Peter Milligan

-          Dead Boy Detectives By Toby Litt

-          Suiciders by Lee Bermejo (both writing and art)

Image Expo News!

-          MPH By Mark Millar and Duncan Fegredo

-          Velvet by Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting

-          ODY-C by Matt Fraction and Christian Ward

-          Southern Bastards by Jason Aaron and Jason Latour

-          Black Science by Rick Remender, Matteo Scalera and Dean White

-          Deadly Class by Rick Remender and Wesley Craig

-          Alone by J Michael Straczynski and Bill Sienkiewicz

-          Lost Souls by J Michael Straczynski and Colleen Doran

-          Dream Police by J Michael Straczynski and Mike Deodato

-          The Walking Dead will be released bi-weekly

Wolverine gum that no-one should buy!

State Of Decay re-submitted to the Australian Classification Board

Ubisoft hacked!

Latest GTA V needs a little room

Mad Max will be Australian after all!

If you’re an Xbox Fanboy, be ready to be labelled a “Chikan” or “Groper/pervert” in Japan

Terminator rebooting as a new trilogy

Captain Planet: THE MOVIE!!!

Geoff Johns to write for the new Arrow series

Agents of SHIELD promos

Dark Horse to re-launch the “Aliens” franchise

Private Eye #3


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Here is our full no-holds-barred, no "beg your pardons" review of Man Of Steel.

No breaks and FULL OF ALL THE SPOILERS!!!!!! You HAVE been warned!

Enjoy! ^_^

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