Ultimate Facepalm
Ben Affleck as Batman, Pepsi flavored Cheetos and Idris Elba screams “The Warriors shot Cyrus!”

It’s G Money’s Birthday so don’t expect anything to make any sense (even less so than usual)

Enough faffing about, let’s get to it!


Miley Cyrus at the MVAs – Lose your mind or J.J. Dillon

Ben Affleck as Batman; Amazing and horrifying internet response

Give me $9.2 million and we’ll lose or gain as much weight as you’d like!


UFP Crew Questions

-          Riff Raff for Australian Prime Minister

-          Pepsi-flavored Cheetos: The world is officially on the decline

-          Comic book recommendations

-          Our thoughts on current Pro-wrestling promotions

-          Neil Armstrong: R.I.P.

-          You too can now SMELL like an Avenger (maybe)


Nerd News!

-          Bryan Cranston (more than likely) cast as Lex Luthor for a 6 movie deal

-          Justice League of America/Trinity War will make the internet explode

-          Justice League of Canada…..?

-          Lobo’s new origin/look is ‘hot garbage’

-          James Robinson on two unnamed Marvel ongoing titles

-          Mike Del Mundo on Superior Spider Man team up

-          Christopher Eccelston teases a Dr Who return in the 50th anniversary episode

-          New trailer for Jackass’ ‘Bad Grandpa’

-          Sega Australia’s attempt at re-releasing classic Sega titles

-          American Horror Story: Coven release date and new teaser trailer

-          Killer is Dead review

-          Saints Row 4 review


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Kick Ass 2 review, Playstation 4 release and RIP Elmore Leonard

Well holy cow! It’s a bloated, seeping mass of a show for your ears! Hope you enjoy it! ^_^


Cloning John Lennon would make Big Brother watchable

“If you want this Le Coq Sportif jacket you’ll go and beat up all those aliens”

This has nothing to do with The Trap Door!

“Goon” mini-review

C Bomb’s dashed hope of being a national TV star

Apology to Channel 10’s “Wonderland”

Recipe to Riches = More shit heads on TV


UFP Crew questions

-          Our thoughts on ‘Olympus has Fallen’

-          Comic movie reboots

-          Card collections in our youth

-          Favorite song intros

-          The beef between New Zealand and Australia

-          Our show involved in a mind-blowing incident with Seb Sharpe for the Pod with No Name

-          Our thoughts on the election “Coverage”

-          Democracy: What of it?

-          Comics/shows/movies that had an impact on our lives


Kick Ass 2 review (@ 1 hour 23 mins) Some very minor/prompted spoilers

Terrible movie review competition winner!


Nerd News! (@ 1 hours 56 mins)

-          New Punisher mini by Garth Ennis

-          Marvel Infinity review: 4.5/5

-          More Guardians of the Galaxy voice casting news; voice of Rocket Racoon to be played by Bradley Cooper

-          Shinichiro Watanabe’s new series ‘Space Dandy’

-          PS4 release date revealed

-          Saints Row IV release delayed in Australia

-          GTA V’s rating being considered after closer examination of its Exposed Penises, Marijuana Use, and a “Brief Instance of Necrophilia”

-          Scarlet Witch Casting Moved On To Elizabeth Olsen After Saoirse Ronan Passed On Avengers 2

-          Avengers Arena ends in November and mass title re-launch

-          Nightwing revealed in Forever Evil?

-          The Killing Joke news from a Grant Morrison revelation

-          RIP Elmore Leonard



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Elysium Review, Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor and Tony Abbott: Global Embarrassment

Nice to see you again! I can’t believe it’s been a week!

Well I’ll shut my digital trap and let you get on with your fix….


C Bomb’s been busy with the movers and shakers

We give a little love to our other podcasting friends



-          Checking out Wolverine’s Canon…. Uh, what?

-          The Ant Man movie shall succeed

-          A little peek into the UFP library

-          Recording the show on the can

-          Hunterwalk a.k.a. utterly self-entitled asshole

-          The movie ‘Super’

-          Attila; sweet tap-dancing jesus Christ, are they ever awful!

-          We hope parents never confuse “Nick Jr” with “Nick Fury Jr”

-          Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor and we talk about the return of Breaking Bad and the horrible existence of ‘Talking Bad’

-          Marvel’s possibility of releasing a Guardians of the Galaxy omnibus




Tony Abbott makes the jump from NATIONAL embarrassment to GLOBAL embarrassment!





-          The Canyons

-          Pain and Gain

-          The Purge

Vote on our FB page now!




-          Neill Blomkamp’s new movie – Chappie

-          Rumor mill: WB offers Christian Bale $60mil to reprise the Batman role

-          First trailer for Frank Darabont’s L.A. Noir TV show ‘Mob City’

-          Collider already renamed “F.B.P.” after only one issue

-          Kevin Maguire joins Brian Michael Bendis on Guardians of the Galaxy

-          Trillium review 3/5

-          Sidekick review 4/5

-          Orange is the new Black

-          Christina Hendricks on Game of Thrones?

-          John Romita Jr leaving Marvel?

-          Comic Book Heroes on the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Company)

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Punisher End of Days, Animal Man Annual Review and right in our Moriarty!

A bit of a downer before brining you the upper. But isn’t that what life is all about?



G Money’s slow turn on phone technology

Superfluous electronic dealies on EVERYTHING!

Tranny Technology

Blind drivers

“Archie Martin Vox sign discovered on latest city dig”


UFP Crew Questions

-          Robert Tuffs strikes back!!!

-          Elysium looks INCREDIBLE!

-          Harrison Ford joining The Expendables 3

-          Chris Brown was a musician?

-          The 13 regenerations of Doctor Who

-          Happy Birthday for Michael “Boobs” Malone on August 10th!

-          Which is the best Venom?

-          Yes, Green Team IS a terrible idea

-          DC holding out for money



Queensland MP Peter Dowling a.k.a. Wine-Schlong!


Nerd News (@ 1 hr 14 mins)

-          Star Trek 3 scripting soon and NO Damon Lindelof!

-          Punisher End Of Days series scheduled for the end of the year release (we hope!)

-          Gerry Dugan on Nova while Zeb Well is off the title

-          Congrats to Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner getting hitched!


-          Animal Man Annual

EPW State of Origin with special shout out to Dancin’ Lukey Bolland and “He’s a Nice Guy” Dan Moore

-          Muppet Sequel is looking pretty good

-          A LOOOOOOOONG wait for Street Fighter 5

-          Xbox is outing jerks and trolls!

-          Simpsons Lego series




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New Doctor Who, Collider #1 Review and Chew animated series

It’s a show! What else do you want me to say!?!?!


Mark and Zach’s “Twofer” podcast is great, so go check it out on the Blodcast network

C Bomb’s partner’s take on a “Deb” Dexter series

We FINALLY get around to “Zooey Deschanel is a paedophile” story




-          New Doctor Who Announcement (if you haven’t heard, it’s Scotsman Peter Capaldi!)

-          Bruce Campbell Evil Dead post-credit cameo and it’s potential meaning

-          Our thoughts on Cloud Atlas

-          Souvenirs from Port Hedland

-          Whatever happened to Hulks baby?

-          We DON’T want to see Lilo and Amada Bynes get it on!

-          How much we’re willing to spend on a comic book

-          Do penguins have knees?

-          Chicken or steak?




Christian Children’s Entertainer acting very UN-Christian (or VERY Christian, depending on how you look at it)

Zimmerman Death Threat Bonanza!

Piece of utter excrement living in Perth is still allowed to breathe and drive



NERD NEWS! (@ 1 hr 09mins)


-          New Doctor Who (again, it’s Peter Capaldi)

-          Zack Snyder and Frank Miller meeting to talk about possible casting for the new Batman

-          Karl Urban on his possible participation in the next Star Wars films

-          The 4th Amazing Spiderman film could be focused on Spiderman villains namely, Venom

-          Chew animated series IS going ahead!

-          Samuel L Jackson cast in Secret Service

-          Fright Night 2 à Straight to DVD

Comic Reviews

-          Collider #1 by Simon Oliver and Robbi Rodriguez

-          Guardians of the Galaxy #5 by Brian Michael Bendis and co-scripted by Neil Gaiman

 Video Game News

-          Playstation’s All-Stars Battle Royale is officially over

-          Pot heads are perpetuating their stupid stereotype by paying WAY too much for a weed emoticon on Steam

-          Plants Vs Zombies 2 cost analysis against the first PVZ

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The World’s End Review, The Flash TV Series and MyFreeImplants.com

Fast, loose and long; That’s how we like it here.

Another long one here, so let’s get at it.


Creepy intro

The fun we’re not allowed to have in Australia

C Bomb confuses Mr Muscle with Mr Clean

#People…… are get-ting fatter#

Giant German Baby

We talk all things Matthew Mcconaughey in our new segment “Matt Chat”* (*Not a real thing)

The Evil Dead remake


UFP Crew Questions!

-          Why?

-          Best and worst comic/cartoon real life portrayals

-          Super Cool Indie game! Metal Dead www.walkthruwalls.com CHECK IT!

-          Ramming Speed. If you like thrash check them at www.rammingspeed.bigcartel.com

-          Why Trinity War is such a non-event

-          We’re just some jealous guys…….

-          I am but a half man, half sausage beast!

-          Guess who’s working heel tonight?

-          Best Pro Wrestling ring entrances




Big Brother Australia is back and officially no-one cares!


Kesha is other-worldly gross!


MOVIE REVIEW – The World’s End


NERD NEWS! (at 1 hour 33 mins)

-          CW planning The Flash TV series and our casting picks

-          Trask Industries website is amazing! Check it www.trask-industries.com/

-          Under The Dome renewed for a 2nd season

-          Breaking Bad final series teaser

-          Star Wars 30th Anniversary European Celebration

-          Nick Frost and Simon Pegg do not want to be in the new Star Wars films

-          Dexter spin off confirmed, but no indication as to with which character

-          Quick Nvidia Shield review courtesy of IGN

-          Nintendo’s Wii U sales dive while the company floats off the back of the success of the 3DS

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