Ultimate Facepalm
Miley Cyrus’ crack habit, Marky Mark’s GED and Pennywise lives!

Another late one…. Whadday gonna do?


Shout outs to our friends


UFP Questions

Miley Cyrus’ Crack habit

Desert Island discs

James Spader as Ultron

Agents of SHIELD

Breaking Bad


Nerd News

Mad Men Season 7 split into two parts

Better Call Saul confirmed

Jurassic World confirmed

Arnie potential casting in Avatar 2

Kelsey Grammer in Expendables 3

Marky Mark finally graduates High School

Pennywise lives!

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Berserk, Batman, the Biebs, Mighty Avengers and Villains Month: Harley Quinn

Better late than never eh?

Sorry for the delay on this one. Here goes.....
Live Tweets!
Elvis Trivia 
Read Berserk if you do't want to sleep
Best Batman story arcs
Best Elseworld stories
The Biebs as Robin
Nerd News
  • Rubbish video game characters
  • GTA V first reviews
  • Grant Gustin cast as The Flash in The Arrow and own spin off series
  • AMC confirms Walking Dead spin-off series
  • Mighty Avengers #1
  • Villains Month: Harley Quinn
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Riddick Review, The Australian Election and Michael Shannon to play both Elvis Presley AND Richard Nixon

We may sound funny to us, but we (hopefully) sound ok to you. Let’s get it on!


G Money thought Robbie Williams and Robin Williams were the same person for years.

We try to explain what happened with the Australian elections and what it might mean for us and the country


UFP Crew Questions!

-          It’s official, Iron Man 3 is terrible

-          New 52 Vs Marvel Now

-          Best/favourite Directors

-          Explaining the Australian elections via nerd/pop culture references

-          Yeast infections

-          Crabs

-          Thor 2 posters

-          Web shows we watch

-          Female superhero movies


You get to hear what we talk about over the break! It’s our reaction to the new Lobo.


Movie Review: Riddick


NERD NEWS! (@ 1 hour 29 mins)

-          JH Williams walks off Batwoman

-          CP Smith replaces Ben Templesmith on Ten Grand

-          All new Invaders by James Robinson and Steve Pugh

-          Harley Quinn Zero issue art contest

-          Casting news for Amazing Spiderman 2 and 3

-          Mortal Instruments future uncertain (GOOD!)

-          Michael Shannon to play Elvis Presley

-          iPhone 5S released and no-one cares!

-          Diablo 3 for PS3/Xbox360

-          How much it would cost to make Dr Wily’s castle from Mega Man 2

Comic reviews

-          Infinity #2

-          Forever Evil

-          Battle of the Atom



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Man from U.N.C.L.E. remake, The Bachelor Australia and Clinton Jones dies under burning ice cream being eaten by Kyle Sandilands

Golly! Is that the time already?! The time where I have nothing witty or clever to say which doesn’t really matter because no-one reads the liner notes anyways?

YES! That very same time! Let’s get to it…


Talking about our time spent at Apocalypse University

Huge shoutouts  to friends and comrades:


The Comics Podcast Network




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Tangent Bounds

Blod pods network

Boxed Whine

Podcasting 101

Seven Days a Geek

Super Podcasto Magnifico!

The Pod with no Name


UFP Crew Questions

-          Free to air television quality is dropping and you’re not getting old (maybe)

-          G Money tries to answer a very long X Men/Avengers questions in under a minute!

-          Listen to us completely misinterpret a question about video game comic book tie-ins

-          Chris Vice delights us!

-          Couch co-op or Online Multi?

-          After life with Archie

-          10 Desert Island discs

-          Obscene money being spent in the Premier League transfer window

-          Best rom-com remakes casting Vin Diesel


Fastest news ever!!

-          Prime Minister Kevin Rudd owns noobs on Q&A

-          UFP Of the Week: Clinton Jones of the St Kilda Football club! Your prize is to die in a car fire!

-          A new Australian leaker in town!

-          Bronies still annoy us!

-          50 Shades of Grey casting

-          Heather Mills, post Paul McCartney; STILL an utter bitch!


Nerd News @ 1 hour 12mins

-          Benedict Cumberbatch Star Wars casting rumours

-          True Blood renewed for a 7th and final season

-          Space Dandy by Shinichro Watanabe official trailer drops

-          Official poster for Transformers 4 released and no-one cares

-          What if: Mark Wahlberg was Iron Man!?

-          Bradley Cooper confirmed as the voice of Rocket Racoon for Guardians of the Galaxy

-          The Man from U.N.C.L.E. remake featuring Jared Harris, Henry Cavill, Armie Hammer and directed by Guy Ritchie

-          Taylor Swift cast in Mark Millar’s Secret Service adaptation

-          Don Jon Trailer wrote and starring Joseph Gordon Levitt and Scarlett Johansson

-          Prisoners Trailer feature Hugh Jackson and Terence Howard

-          Keiji Inafune kickstarts his new game Mighty No. 9 because Capcom won’t make more Mega Man games


Claim the Throne’s new album; Forged in Flame!

Check them here: www.facebook.com/claimthethrone

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