Ultimate Facepalm


Better late than never eh?

Sorry for the lack of foot notes but I've had to pull a few strings to even get this to drop as early as I could.

I'll be updating this sometime soon.... I promise!

In the meantime, have a safe, spooky and happy Halloween!

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Vanilla Ice struggles to maintain relevancy, crushing Katy Perry’s larynx and Mark Wahlberg is CASEY JONES!!!

Well…. If anything this episode proves that C Bomb should NEVER drink before the podcast ever again!

Anyways, on with the show…..


UFP Bonus goodies

C Bomb’s drinking

When even Ian McKaye says you’re “Beyond help”, you must be pretty messed up

UFP Merch ideas


UFP Crew Questions

-          The Fall shows we’re onto

-          The Crew’s reaction to The Walking Dead in General

-          No question too invasive, no proposition too embarrassing

-          Jackie Chan should ride a giant Australian boar to re-invigorate his career

-          Vanilla Ice struggles to maintain relevancy

-          Magical powers imbues us with the gift of Star Wars re-casting

-          Favorite comic book artists

-          Comic books into TV Shows

-          TV Show/characters into Comic Books


Explosive Professional Wrestling’s Re-Awakening XII!

Check it out and get tickets at www.epwperth.com


Special Brew’s video launch at The Bakery!


Comiczone’s Halloween Cosplay weekend!


Forgotten love and questions


NERD NEWS!!! (@ 1hour 26mins)

-          Captain America movie poster dropped

-          2 post credit scenes for Thor: Dark World

-          Trevor Slattery is coming back!!!

-          Alan Moore is “The Original Writer”

-          A + X ends at issue #18

-          Pre-production on the Batman/Superman film begins

-          Australians prefer single player games over multi player

-          Rockstar trolling the troll

-          Entourage much like Vanilla Ice, struggles to maintain relevancy

-          Sony requesting images of Beyond: Two Souls nudity hack

-          Wii now out of manufacture and the best and worst of the console’s run

-          Anchorman 2 trailer: Will Ferrell, you’re not funny and no-one cares


We go on to make the worst movie ever.



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UFP 1st Birthday, Prisoners movie review and New York Comic Con


We have officially turned One Year old! And with age comes wisdom…. But while we’re still waiting for that to come around, here’s the show.


Channel 10’s ‘Wake Up’ is now the latest disaster to arrive on our TVs

Love from our Crew and some favourite moments on the show


UFP Crew Questions

-          Potential Disney/DC crossovers

-          Confusing lists of Men

-          We explain the rules of “Knifey-Spooney”

-          DC Villains month wrap up

-          Comic recommendations

-          The future of UFP


Abysmal Hercules Trailer!

The man who donated Crystal Meth to flood victims

Sir Anthony Hopkins love letter to Bryan Cranston


Movie Review: Prisoners


Nerd News (@ 1 hour 7 mins)

-          Shit Nerds Never Say

-           NEW YORK COMIC CON!!!!

-          Plush Rocket Racoon now on Ebay for $110!

-          Miracle Man returns!!!!

-          Silver Surfer ongoing by Dan Slott and Mike Allred

-          Fantastic Four wrap up and re-launch

-          Secret Avengers by Ales Kot and Michael Walsh

-          Loki: Agent of Asgard by Al Ewing and Lee Garbett

-          Punisher by Nathan Edmundson and Mitch Gerads

-          Elektra by Zeb Wells and Mike Del Mundo

-          Ghost Rider by Felipe Smith and Tradd Moore

-          New Warriors by Chris Yost and Marcus To

-          She Hulk by Charles Soule and Javier Pulido

-          All New X-Factor by Peter David and Carmine Di Giandomenico

-          Marvel – Revolutionary War

-          Avengers Undercover by Dennis Hopeless and Kev Walker

-          DC: Five years later

-          Detective Comics 75th Anniversary: Frank Miller returns

-          Batman Eternal – Stephanie Brown returns

-          Green team, Vibe and Katana cancelled

-          Kevin Smith and Walt Flanagan Batman miniseries

-          Transformers/GI Joe Series by IDW

-          Greg Rucka: Veil by Dark Horse

-          Ant Man: Joseph Gordon Levitt or Paul Rudd

-          Zach Whedon on a Serenity follow up for Dark Horse

-          Watch Dogs delayed until Q2 2014

-          Australians excited about PS4, other next gens not so much




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Back in fine form! Let’s get to it!


It’s almost our 1st Birthday! HUZZAH!

CJ Ramone is the Shemp of the Ramones

Val Venis’ Adult’s only Macarena

Tommy Dreamer’s wife looks like Mama Fratelli


UFP Crew Questions!

-          The price of living in Perth

-          Halloween in Australia

-          C Bomb loves his Motrin

-          Eating lobsters

-          Halloween costume ideas

-          How your birth signs will predict your health

-          Higher learning got us where we are (jealous huh?)

-          Qatar gives the world another reason to hate them

-          Vanilla Ice give the world another reason to hate him




Exploding tattoo business is booming (pun INTENDED!)

This week in death: R.I.P. Mark “Chopper” Read, Tom Clancy and Phil Chevron

Chevron needs to know your vagina’s history


Movie Review: The Canyons



-          Masters of the Universe Movie delay

-          I Frankenstein trailer

-          Punisher fan film shut down by Marvel

-          Will Ferrell shills whats left of his soul

-          New York Comic Con

-          New Image series Outcast by Robert Kirkman and Paul Azaceta

-          Dynamite and Dark Horse to crossover Conan and Red Sonja

-          Who is Jake Ellis has now been optioned for a movie by Fox

-          Manapul and Buccelato to take over Detective Comics

-          Fantomex Max Review: 4/5

-          Hinterkind Review: 3.5/5

-          Watchdogs WiiU ahead of the curve

-          First looks at Beyond: Two Souls



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Gravity movie review, Breaking Bad farewell and Maito Guy and Strong Guy are not related.

Okay! We’re back in business baby!


Possible Birthday episode?

C Bombs’ “Tales from Hong Kong!!!!’


UFP Crew Questions

-          Superhero training

-          Most talent-less hacks

-          Stan Lee is ageless

-          Rebel Wilson’s success is disappointing on so many levels

-          Event to save DC

-          UFP t-shirts ???


The Landscaper webcomic

Vaderbomb – Fantastic band


Breaking Bad finale

The Blacklist TV show review

Sleepy Hollow TV show review

Atlantis TV show review



Gravity Movie review (@ 1 hour 6 mins)


Nerd News! (@ 1 hour 32 mins)


Foxs’ new “Gotham” series

New York comic con news

-          Global: Hickman/Spencer/Caselli

-          End of Superior Spider man: Slot/Camuncoli

-          Silver Surfer: Slot/Allred

-          She Hulk: Soule/Pulido

-          Corporate: David/Di Giandomenico


Game pad for iPhone/iOS7

Legend of Zelda: A link between worlds shakes up the traditional Zelda gameplay

Australia pirated Breaking Bad more than any other country in the world

Sonic to join latest Smash Brothers cast

World of Warcraft movie announced


Comic review

Sex Criminals: 5/5

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