Ultimate Facepalm
American Hustle movie review, Nelson Mandela’s insane interpreter and Shia Lebeouf being a MEGA-DOUCHE once again!

Christmas Craziness has ensued! We have no idea what we’re talking about!

Here’s the show!


Possibly the last episode of the year…. But not guaranteed!

C Bomb is still being accosted and assaulted by various idiots in public

Reality TV hosts are just there to do the math

G Money sweats it out at the cinemas


UFP Crew Questions


-          Jerks who arrange plans and then cancel them without telling you

-          Nelson Mandela sign-language interpreter’s unsurprising history

-          Santa’s back…. And he’s pissed!

-          Australian cuisine: Is there such a thing?

-          Paul Walker’s replacement in Fast 7

-          Theoretical monster mashes with the AVP franchise

-          Shia LePoof being a MEGA-DOUCHE once again!

-          We are in fact, NOT looking forward to the Tila Tequila “sex tape”

-          Matt Fraction leaving Inhuman

-          Fake Dutch ovens are still quite funny

-          South Park: Stick of Truth STILL being censored in Australia

-          Movies to “look forward to” in 2014 and 2015


Movie review – American Hustle



-          Sandman Film news

-          Don Cheadle confirmed in Avengers 2

-          Sinister 6 and Venom movies confirmed

-          W. Haden Blackman to write Elektra

-          Animal Man cancellation

-          Batman the Dark Knight and A+X Cancellation

-          Talon wrap up

-          Will Moss left DC for Marvel

-          Will Dennis and Mark Doyle leave DC/Vertigo editorial next year

-          Stray Bullets reprints!

-          R.I.P. Janice Valleau and Peter O’Toole

-          Paul Dini and Joe Quinones writing Bloodspell featuring Black Canary and Zatanna

-          More video game censorship rubbish in Australia

-          Capcom shuts down unauthorized Ghosts and Goblins Kickstarter

-          Netflix will stream Breaking Bad spinoff, Better Call Saul

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New show!

A day early! (at the time of the drop)

Please enjoy!

Ozzy needs a Pagoda and a Ketamine Burrito

People think cats are their own species when in fact, they are just gay dogs

Some painful real life facepalms

Autism is now in vogue


UFP Crew Questions!

-          Requests for “C*nt of the Week”; this week “Hi-Tila Tequila”

-          Rover Red Charlie – Garth Ennis’ new work

-          The New Sin City movie

-          Disney’s acquisition of the Indiana Jones franchise

-          Our FINAL rant on The Walking Dead

-          All the Amazing Spider-man 2 news

-          A Sound of Thunder

-          Is watching Honey BooBoo grounds for leaving someone?

-          Ron Burgandy whoredom knows no bounds

-          Books we haven’t written



-          Australia’s only epic city in and epic example of epic-bad journalism

-          The worst baby names in 2013



-          Batman vs. Superman; should they just call it “Justice League”?

-          Wonder Woman casting

-          The bait ‘n’ switch of Brian’s death on The Family Guy

-          Terminator TV series to tie with the Terminator films reboot and we all wonder, “Why the fuck?”

-          Matt Smith meeting with JJ Abrams and now featuring in the latest “American Psycho” theater run

-          The new US Godzilla remake

-          Adam Sandler is Hollywood’s most overpaid star (what a shock right?)


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Hello there!

Nothing “clever” to say today.

Here’s the show!


Starship Troopers is a great movie and we provide reasons

Battlefield Earth is a life-crushingly awful and we provide reasons

YO JOE! Where are your arms!?!?

Go-bots and Rock Lords creative department were worth every penny!

Special shout out to our UFP Subscriber Craig Parillo; http://craigdrawings.blogspot.com

When TMZ reports C Bomb’s death, feel free to laugh it up!

Westboro Baptist Church being bigger media whores then Lindsay Lohan

We can save Hollywood Jews millions with the latest Fast and the Furious

Independence Day has not aged well, whereas Jurassic Park has


UFP Crew Questions

-          Amazing Spider Man 2 rumors

-          Our wishes should a Genie come into our lives

-          Don’t stress the regenerations

-          Ranting on The Walking Dead (Again!)

-          'Swallowed By Satan': On Becoming A Gay Nazi Porn Star Witch

-          We honestly don’t know what the Fox says and we’re damn proud of it

-          Bitstrips shitting on Bitstrips

-          Doc Fluxx (Feed it Comics) pitches his alternate reality movies




-          Thieves be thievin’, just in time for Christmas!

-          New report tells us the glaringly obvious truth; Australian teens are getting dumber



-          CW Network announced another DC TV series: Young Justice

-          To possibly appear on The Arrow TV series; Solomon Grundy, The Question and Red Hood

-          DC trademark registered, but it’s for “David Copperfield”. I think Detective Comics have a legal summons to send…

-          The Hourman TV Series and it’s channelling of Dial H

-          Jeff Lemire and his cryptic tweet for Justice League of America

-          David S Goyer looking to do Booster Gold, Team 7 and Deathstroke movies for just $20 million

-          Brand new re-numbering and story arc for Wolverine and the X Men

-          Ben Affleck wants comic book movies to be legit

-          Next-gen consoles have arguably better graphics than previous gen

-          Lindsay Lohan wishes she looked as good as the characters in GTA V

-          Nancy Silberkliet in deep trouble at Archie Comics



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