Ultimate Facepalm

Well it’s a shorty but a goodie (?)

It’s admittedly not that great, but it’s still much better than about 90% of the podcasts out there, so enjoy!


SUPANOVA PERTH! We will be there! http://www.supanova.com.au/show-information/perth

Jamie Lannister a.k.a. Where’s Coster-Waldau?


UFP Crew Questions and Talk Topics

-          Was Forever Evil worth the wait?

-          Our take on Bogan Hunters

-          ONLY if Bobby Darin was a carpenter

-          New Doctor Who teaser trailer

-          Edgar Wright’s Ant Man departure

-          Charlie Cox cast as Daredevil and Daredevil’s new showrunner

-          Kevin Smith workin’ the craft services table on Batman V Superman

-          The A-Team movie; our take

-          Avenger’s fingers smell like Russian dressing…. Apparently

-          G Money is NOT an E-cigarette smoking twat

-          DC Comics is NOT cozying up to Dale Earnhardt Jr

-          Denzel Washington is The Equalizer and no one should care

-          Macaulay Culkin and his Pizza Underground; Why can’t they all be 6 feet underground

-          Gareth Edwards to direct new Star Wars spin off movie

-          John Wesley Schipp role in The Flash revealed

-          Brian K Vaughan leaves Under the Dome







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Another big long one! Also the episode goes for over 2 hours (Zoom!)

Let’s get to it!



Lance Storm, Shatner or having a stroke?

Check out the Dana Gould Hour (www.danagould.com)

Also check out the brand spankin’ new Rhymes With Geek website (www.rhymeswithgeek.com)

Soulless, dead-in-the-eyes, Will.i.am receives the “love” via Facebook

Too many a-hole politicians and shoeless twerps rustles C Bomb’s jimmies!


UFP Crew Questions and talk topics!

-          What to read before Batman Incorporated

-          The capital of Mozambique

-          The new Guardians of the Galaxy trailer

-          G’s thoughts on Jhonen Vasquez

-          Video game systems that built our lives

-          Are we going to an depth review of the next Transformers movie?

-          Sexxi Batman!

-          Where can you get the TMNT TBPs?

-          Deceased musical icons preforming in hologram form

-          Vince is no longer a billionaire and no-one was upset for him


3 rounds of Hate ‘em or Rate ‘em!


Punkinstuff and Star Wars Big Kidz Party details can be found HERE! à https://www.facebook.com/events/665175553535948/


Heat Miser Vs Booze

Top 5 Kaiju, Kaiju Movies and Kaiju pluralization!


Movie Review! X Men: Days of Future Past



-          DC Cancels 6 more titles

-          The Babadook movie review

-          E3 2014 games list (you can find the full list on IGN)

-          Wolfenstein reboot includes an interesting easter egg

-          Nintendo pulls the plug on Wifi functionality for Wii and DS

-          New game bars opening in Sydney and Melbourne

-          New lego movie “Ninjago” gets a release date and no-one cares

-          Dynamite Comics regains The John Carter franchise

-          Archie comics confirms Sabrina the Teenage Witch horror comic

-          Deadpool Vs Hawkeye

-          Star Wars comics will be announced in July

-          Rick Remender to write AXIS

-          Guardians 300 to be released in September

-          Marvel Universe reboot?







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Hey ho, this late drop thing is almost becoming a regular thing….. Almost.

It’s a biggie this time around! Let’s get to it!


The Australian Budget…. Who cares right?

The all-new Rhymes with Geek network page! www.rhymeswithgeek.com

Nerdy Quiz Night Questions


UFP Crew Questions and Talk Tops!

-          The latest Batman pic from Zack Snyder

-          NBC’s Constantine/hellblazer trailer

-          R.I.P. HR Giger

-          Ian Watkins in fact DID NOT hang himself…. Sadly.

-          Channing Tatum is Gambit

-          New iZobie TV Show

-          Xbox One price drop

-          DC’s Futures End

-          Hate ‘em or Rate ‘em!


Movie review: Godzilla



-          Arrow Season 2 Finale

-          The Flash TV bumper/trailer

-          Agents of SHIELD series finale

-          Mario Kart 8 review (via IGN)

-          Flappy Bird returns!

-          Watch Dogs has gone gold i.e. no more delays!

-          Point Break re-casting

-          Rebel Wilson; Wide ass and miscast!

Comic Reviews!

-          Cyclops #1

-          Nailbiter #1


-          Miles Morales #1






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Well, it sure was a show…..


I’ll let you guys be the judge.


3 times in a season!

When Rafiki held up little Orphan Annie…

Free Comic Book day was INSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANE!!!!!!!!!!!!


Questions and Talk Topics

-          How we would describe each other

-          Our thoughts on the new Gotham trailers

-          If Michael Bay rebooted the classics

-          The irrelevancy of Shakespeare

-          Naming your child after comic book names

-          Best Free Comic Book Day books

-          Piracy in Australia and the Government’s intervention

-          Facepalming makes us happy,  but we’re not alive enough to tell anyone

-          Hate ’em or Rate ‘em!




-          Syfy adapts 4 different comic books to be made into TV series; Letter 44, Ronin, Clone and Pax Romana

-          Seth Rogen interviewed about the Preacher TV Series

-          Tim Blake Nelson cast as Mole Man in the latest Fantastic Four reboot

-          The Mummy reboot loses it’s director

-          Gerard Butler leaves the Point Break reboot

Comic Review: Amazing Spider Man #1!

-          Fox picks up new series Empire and Red Band Society

Video Game Review: The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC







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Hooray Hoorah! Now that we’re out of the Bat-Cave you can hear our show without vomiting profusely.


Lets get to it!


Possible replacements for Craig Ferguson

What happened to episode 107?!?!

Sherbet: The Cock

A tip of the cap for the passing of one the best podcasts around; our commiserations to Super Podcasto Magnifico

You can find Superior Squirrel’s fundraising campaign here http://hcf.convio.net/site/TR/Harrisburg/General?team_id=1393&pg=team&fr_id=1146

Free Comicbook Day is just around the corner


UFP Crew Questions and Talk Tops!

-          Amazon wiping Comixology app

-          Shatner…. I’d fight William Shatner

-          The Clippers and the utter clusterf*ck that is Donald Sterling’s life

-          Arrow, Gotham, Watchdogs and Tossing One’s Salad

-          Podcasts WE listen to and G’s thoughts on Wil Anderson

-          Jack Black’s Goosebumps movie

-          Technology is slowing helping natural selection do it’s work




-          Star Wars Episode 7 initial casting has been revealed!

-          Justice League film confirmed, Ray Fisher cast as Cyborg and DC wanting to release nine more films (mostly Vertigo stuff really)

-          Penny Dreadful TV Series

-          Original Sin #0 Review

-          Death Of Wolverine

-          Deadpool Vs X-Force

-          Axis: The new X Men and Avengers crossover event

-          Marvel’s 100 years later

-          Angela, Sister of Thor and Loki

-          X Box Originals’ TV adaptation of Warren Ellis’ Gun Machine

-          Video game about masturbation really is a pile a wank

-          Justin Kurzel revealed to direct the Assassin’s Creed movie








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