Ultimate Facepalm

Here’s the second third Halloween show…. Or is it the second second one? Look, my feeble memory doesn’t stretch that far back and let’s face it, some eps are better off forgotten!

Here’s the latest!


UFP Crew Qs and Talk Tops

-          Thoughts on James Spader as the voice of Ultron

-          Favorite Asian recording artists/bands

-          Joe Hockey: International man of embarrassment


Tony Abbott doesn’t know who’s the boss


Poor celebrities don’t know they’re owed thousands of dollars


Kristen Stewart “takes a break” from acting to become an immense arty blowhard


Age of Ultron trailer becomes the most viewed trailer of all time


U2’s The Edge says “Gave our album a chance”


Taylor Kitsch confirmed for a role for the second season of True Detective







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Did I scare you like a young man who's condom breaks inside his 16 year old girlfriend whilst mid-bang?

No? Well, I'll have to try harder on next years' Halloween show!

Here we go....


UFP Talk Tops and Questions

 - Top 5 Horror movies

 - Resident Evil Hate 'em or Rate 'em

 - Exploring JUST how horrible news.com.au has become

 - Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr Strange

 - Favorite horror comics WITHOUT zombies



 - Age of Ultron teaser trailer

 - Ewan McGregor verbally smashes Star Wars "fans"

 - Captain Marvel again rumoured for Avengers: Age Of Ultron


Comic reviews

 - Arkham Manor #1

 - Deathstoke #1

 - Goners #1






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Well if it ain't a new format episode! Get your delightful tiny pixie ear around this won't you?



Bananas in Pyjamas Vs Wags the Dog


Tony Abbott and his Banana Hammock with his shirtfronting hijinks


UFP Crew Questions and Talk Topics

-          The Australian produced film Infini


James Franco smashing paparazzo to the adulation of all


Nightcrawler movie


Yahoo’s top Halloween costume searches


U2s Bono tells us all things we don’t care about


Bunbury local discovers spider burrowing under his skin whilst on holiday in Bali


Mobile phones engineered not to last (Tags: No shit a-hole)


Family Feud under fire for misogynistic question


Network Ten haemorrhages money because they are rubbish


Australian The Bachelor is a freaking lunatic




-          Oculus

-          Gone Girl



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AH! The start of a new chapter with UFP Page (see what I did there?)

It’s a new format and like with all things new, it’ll probably be a bit rubbish. But… You get what you pay for.



UFP Crew Questions and Talk Topics

-          DCs cavalcade of made up movies

-          Netflix’ Daredevil pics/synopsis from NYCC

-          Dream casting for Dr Strange

-          Gotham thoughts again

-          Arrow season 3



Robert Downey Jr on board for Captain America 3 and possibly Iron Man 4 and being a part of Marvel Civil War

Marvels’ Achilles Heel, that isn’t an Achilles heel at all

Sabertooth is Wolverine

ScarJo offered lead In Ghost in the Shell live action US remake


The Evil Within IGN review







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Well, it’s been a while. I’ve almost forgotten how to do this!


New news and changes!


2 month catch up

-          The Fappening

-          Ray Rice

-          Destiny

-          HK Democracy

-          Ferguson/Shaw


UFP Crew Qs and TTs

-          How would we end Sons on Anarchy?

-          Fantastic Four Cancelation

-          Big comics of this year and ones coming up

-          3rd Thor film?

-          Foreign remakes of American films

-          India’s dancing superstar

-          Are cosplayers killing conventions?

-          Kevin Smith: Just fuck off already


Nerd News!

-          NYCC news

-          Twin Peaks returning

-          Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

-          Spider-Gwen Comics

-          Lego Batman movie Confirmed

-          Guardians of the Galaxy Animated trailer

-          Marvel Comics – Secret Wars

-          Predator Vs Archie

-          Tomorrowland teaser trailer

-          Michael Keaton WOULD play Batman again but only if it was for Tim Burton

-          Ghostbusters all-female reboot

Comic reviews

-          Thor #1

-          Batgirl #35

-          Batman #35

-          Men of Wrath #1

-          Wytches #1

-          Axis #1

-          Gotham Academy #1

-          Lobo #1






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