Ultimate Facepalm

Another week another ep!

Here's this 7 days run of misgivings...
C Bomb laments his withering face with his age
G Money laments his broken hand
C Bomb laments just about everything else
UFP Crew Talk Topics and Questions
 - Netflix Australia is HERE!
 - Casting news for the long in production hell The Crow remake
 - The Last of Us Multi player team is coming across to the Uncharted 4 multi player development
 - Titan comics announces 21st Century Tank Girl
Comic Review
 - Chrononauts #1
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It's UFP MANIA!!!!!!


We have a TON of stuff going on!


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It's St Patricks Day - Bunnings get your shit together!

UFP Crew Talk Topics and Questions!


Movie Review: Chappie (at one hour 2 mins)


Nerd News! (at one hour 16 mins)


RIP Terry Pratchett


New Superman and Wonder Woman outfits


The Joker variant cover for Batgirl #21 triggers useless wastes of skin


You can buy the Hulkbuster armour for just over $20k!


Lego Jurassic World…. Big whoop!


Kevin Smith is a fat useless cunt… Oh and he’s doing Mallrats 2




Howard the duck #1

Southern Cross #1








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Hello again!


We’re back to the old format and I hope you like it because…. Well…. Tough.


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We answer the UFP Crew’s Questions and chat about their talk topics!


UFP News!

-          Tony Abbott is still a c*nt

-          Rupert Murdoch is not his real name

-          Cops Find Weed In Sour Cream Container Marked 'Not Weed'

-          Seduced by Doctor Bigfoot Is Your Amazon.com Horror of the Day



-          Tom Ellis is Lucifer

-          Ben Hardy to be Angel (?)

-          New Faith No More Song – Superhero

-          Ex Machina trailer

-          Netflix coming to Australia

Comic Book reviews

-          Spider Gwen #1

-          Suiciders #1

-          Silk #1

-          Thor Annual #1

-          Curb Stomp #1






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