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Well if it ain't a new format episode! Get your delightful tiny pixie ear around this won't you?



Bananas in Pyjamas Vs Wags the Dog


Tony Abbott and his Banana Hammock with his shirtfronting hijinks


UFP Crew Questions and Talk Topics

-          The Australian produced film Infini


James Franco smashing paparazzo to the adulation of all


Nightcrawler movie


Yahoo’s top Halloween costume searches


U2s Bono tells us all things we don’t care about


Bunbury local discovers spider burrowing under his skin whilst on holiday in Bali


Mobile phones engineered not to last (Tags: No shit a-hole)


Family Feud under fire for misogynistic question


Network Ten haemorrhages money because they are rubbish


Australian The Bachelor is a freaking lunatic




-          Oculus

-          Gone Girl



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Well, it’s been a while. I’ve almost forgotten how to do this!


New news and changes!


2 month catch up

-          The Fappening

-          Ray Rice

-          Destiny

-          HK Democracy

-          Ferguson/Shaw


UFP Crew Qs and TTs

-          How would we end Sons on Anarchy?

-          Fantastic Four Cancelation

-          Big comics of this year and ones coming up

-          3rd Thor film?

-          Foreign remakes of American films

-          India’s dancing superstar

-          Are cosplayers killing conventions?

-          Kevin Smith: Just fuck off already


Nerd News!

-          NYCC news

-          Twin Peaks returning

-          Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

-          Spider-Gwen Comics

-          Lego Batman movie Confirmed

-          Guardians of the Galaxy Animated trailer

-          Marvel Comics – Secret Wars

-          Predator Vs Archie

-          Tomorrowland teaser trailer

-          Michael Keaton WOULD play Batman again but only if it was for Tim Burton

-          Ghostbusters all-female reboot

Comic reviews

-          Thor #1

-          Batgirl #35

-          Batman #35

-          Men of Wrath #1

-          Wytches #1

-          Axis #1

-          Gotham Academy #1

-          Lobo #1






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Here’s a show that thumbs a nose at our hiatus. We hope you indeed dig it!


G’s Honeymoon and other such things

Batman Day Celebrations


UFP Crew Questions and Talk Tops

-          Any potential Champions, Defenders and/or Great Lakes Avengers

-          Will we see an “Ultimate Facepalm: Live”

-          Are the “Big two” comic companies shafting the retailers that help them?

-          The internet’s first thoughts on the new “Gotham” series

-          DC keeping their movie and TV universes separate, because, up yours, that’s why.


Movie Review: Guardians of the Galaxy


Nerd News!

-          Mad Max Trailer

-          Ra’s Al Ghul in Arrow series 3

-          Lucy Lawless and Mockingbird to appear in Agents of Shield

-          Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman photo appears and no-one should care

-          Fight Club sequel in comic book form confirmed

-          First look at Paul Bettany as The Vision

-          Wentworth Miller confirmed as Captain Cold in The Flash TV series

-          No Janet Van Dyne in the Ant Man movie

-          Dr Who heading to the big screen

-          Rob Zombie’s attempt to crowd-fund his latest film (which is apparently a MASSIVE rip-off of everything!)

-          Bill Murray to voice Baloo the Bear in the new live action The Jungle Book film

-          Horns trailer

-          Nightcrawler trailer







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We're NOT here to give you week old news, cooking recipes or to suck Kevin Smiths dick.
G is dead from his marriage organisation (but alive for the show)
The Transformers audio commentaries WILL be coming but we're going on hiatus and will be back as soon as we can!
Vomit fist is a better idea than Shaq Fu
Check out the Mike to Cam Podcast for all your Australian and worldwide sporting news
UFP Crew Qustions and Talk Topics
 - DC not allowing to honor the memory of a murdered child
 - G's fireball response to the "Fire Rick Remender" campaign
 - Comics to read that don't feature Superheroes
 - Our business is our business
 - Brandon Routh to play Ray Palmer in the 3rd season of Arrow
 - Comic letters and inkers going the way of the dinosaur
 - How much of a wrestling show is actually spent wrestling
 - Country music in Australia
 - Hate 'em or Rate 'em: Idiot Buddy comedies
 - No, Kevin Smith ISN'T paid to make up shitty info leaks: he does it for free
Movie review: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
Nerd News!
 - Stuart Immonen to do art on the new Captain America 
 - Pandora and Phantom Stranger cancelled but new Trinity of Sin to be released
 - Klarion the Witch Boy confirmed Ann Nocenti and Trevor McCarthy
 - New 52's Lobo gets new ongoing series from Cullen Bunn and Reilly Brown
 - Spider Woman getting her own ongoing with Greg Land to draw
 - New Dark Horse title called Black Hammer by Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston
 - Micheal Bay will NOT be doing an Neon Genesis Evangelion movie
 - Another piece of shit movie by Kevin Smith called "Tusk"


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Here it is! Episode 107! The Phantom Ep!



Enjoy it….. if you can!

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Here’s the latest! Get into it

The Minutemen, check them out.
Supanova Perth 2014! Our full wrap!
Check out our Supanova Supafriends www.bang3r.com and www.facebook.com/CursedCreations

UFP Crew Questions and Talk Topics

 - Nathan Fillion’s casting rumors in Guardians of the Galaxy
 - Boy Wizard to Boy Wonder?
 - How many Cosfails have we seen?
 - An old school WWF Hate ‘em or Rate ‘em!
 - The new Michael Bay’s TMNT trailer
 - Our (by our I mean mostly G’s) favorite post-apocalyptic comic, movie, book, show and/or game
 - Rosario Dawson’s casting in the Daredevil Netflix series
 - Even his sponsors hate Michael Bay

Channel Seven’s groundbreaking new series “Celebrity Autopsy”
Gary Oldman talkin’ smack and takin’ out the trash in Playboy magazine
Ice T icing whitey in his new Body Count video

Nerd News!
 - Shane Black to direct the Predator “reboot”
 - Edgar Ramirez’s rumors to play Doctor Strange
 - Microsoft possibly looking to purchase Capcom…. Possibly
 - DC updates payment plans and credits to colorists
 Comic review
 - Wicked and the Divine: 5/5

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Forever alone on this ep.

G is sick

I don’t want to get sicker

Hence alone.

Let’s get to it!


SUPANIVA! We’ll be there! Check out the site for further dets! www.supanova.com.au

Our good friend over at Bang3r Photography will also be there helping out with the videoing! www.bang3r.com

Check us and many other “good” podcasts out at the Rhymes with Geek network www.rhymeswithgeek.com


UFP Crew Questions and talk topics!

-          Don’t blame us for Iggy Azalea!

-          My expert take on Alan Moore and Grant Morrison

-          Hate ‘em or Rate ‘em!

-          Disney’s Maleficent

-          Favorite Hanna Barbera cartoons and possible live action remakes

-          Girl Meets World a.k.a. Shoot your television

-          Comic shift from super wordy narration to now, not so much

-          Apple’s WWDC keynote and why you shouldn’t give a shit

-          Eat my own fingers or you eat my toes! The new gameshow that sweeping the nation!

-          Chopper Read; is he the real deal?

-          Jaden Smith is, Twat-man!


Movie Review: The Edge of Tomorrow


Nerd News!!!

-          The Last of Us remasters coming to PS4 next week?

-          Scott Derrickson revealed to direct Dr Strange

-          Batman Arkham Knight to be delayed until 2015

-          Star Wars pic leak bonanza!

-          Craiglist Ad Seeks Buff Dudes To Dress Up As Dragon Ball Z Waiters






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Another big long one! Also the episode goes for over 2 hours (Zoom!)

Let’s get to it!



Lance Storm, Shatner or having a stroke?

Check out the Dana Gould Hour (www.danagould.com)

Also check out the brand spankin’ new Rhymes With Geek website (www.rhymeswithgeek.com)

Soulless, dead-in-the-eyes, Will.i.am receives the “love” via Facebook

Too many a-hole politicians and shoeless twerps rustles C Bomb’s jimmies!


UFP Crew Questions and talk topics!

-          What to read before Batman Incorporated

-          The capital of Mozambique

-          The new Guardians of the Galaxy trailer

-          G’s thoughts on Jhonen Vasquez

-          Video game systems that built our lives

-          Are we going to an depth review of the next Transformers movie?

-          Sexxi Batman!

-          Where can you get the TMNT TBPs?

-          Deceased musical icons preforming in hologram form

-          Vince is no longer a billionaire and no-one was upset for him


3 rounds of Hate ‘em or Rate ‘em!


Punkinstuff and Star Wars Big Kidz Party details can be found HERE! à https://www.facebook.com/events/665175553535948/


Heat Miser Vs Booze

Top 5 Kaiju, Kaiju Movies and Kaiju pluralization!


Movie Review! X Men: Days of Future Past



-          DC Cancels 6 more titles

-          The Babadook movie review

-          E3 2014 games list (you can find the full list on IGN)

-          Wolfenstein reboot includes an interesting easter egg

-          Nintendo pulls the plug on Wifi functionality for Wii and DS

-          New game bars opening in Sydney and Melbourne

-          New lego movie “Ninjago” gets a release date and no-one cares

-          Dynamite Comics regains The John Carter franchise

-          Archie comics confirms Sabrina the Teenage Witch horror comic

-          Deadpool Vs Hawkeye

-          Star Wars comics will be announced in July

-          Rick Remender to write AXIS

-          Guardians 300 to be released in September

-          Marvel Universe reboot?







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Hello all! Another late drop but it is as sweet as an early one, let me tell you!


Watch us cringe at the mention of the “Mirakuru”

Free comic book day and Supanova are just around the corner


UFP Crew questions and talk tops!

-          Sam Hackson in Die Hard 6

-          Johnny Depp wanted to be the King of Bhutan

-          Movies based on video games

-          The Garlic Jr Saga did indeed suck

-          How our show is negatively impacting listener’s social skills

-          We DO NOT say “G’Day!”

-          Avengers Assemble? More like “Avengers A-shamble”

-          Kevin Smith does ANOTHER Clerks movie

-          Foxtel having a massive cry about Game of Thrones in Australia

-          We HATE pants!

-          Best faces and heels outside of wrestling





-          Bryan Singer youth sex accusations

-          New The Last of Us DLCs

-          New The Evil Within trailer from PAX East

-          Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – All Star Battle slated for Western release

Comic reviews!

-          Batman Eternal #1

-          Iron Fist #1

-          Shutter #1












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Hey-ho…. Another day, another podcast….

What am I saying?!?! If we did a show a day, we’d probably die!.... Die doing what we love, but die nonetheless.

Instead of dying, we made you this….



Our prime minister (Mr Rabbit), tries to bring back the Dames and Knighthoods but the Queen told him to step off and they threw down (possibly)

G’s travels across our great southern wasteland

C Bomb explains the two definitions of “Hang 10”

The animals C Bomb lives near


UFP Crew Questions

-          Is the Sinister 6 in Spider Man 2 too much?

-          The effects of Captain America Winter Soldier on Agents of Shield

-          Check out Radio-blitz.com as they want us to join them

-          Truth or dare? We choose the cop out answer!

-          Original TMNT comic availability

-          90s cartoons getting the “gritty reboot” treatment

-          Callan Mulvey in Batman Vs Spiderman????

-          Frisky Dingo Vs Archer



-          2 Chains still on the Sizzurp

-          Pakistan is still rubbish

-          55 year old man fashions black hole into the side of his head

-          How to not make cheese toast

-          The Ultimate Warrior R.I.P.



-          Our dream comic mash ups of creators on new projects

-          The happy, optimistic zombie show from SyFy

-          The return of Game of Thrones

-          The pick of the bunch for the next 60 anime releases for Q2 2014

-          New Smash Bros news for 3DS and WiiU

-          New Teen Titans

-          New Nightwing title

-          New Deathlok title

-          Goonies 2 and Gremlins remake

-          Holly Hunter “cast” as Leslie Thompkins in the Batman V Superman movie

-          Inhuman #1 review!

-          The Last of Us is coming to PS4

-          Blizzards’ new company: Overwatch

-          Nathan Fillion’s live-trolling of his possible involvement in Guardians of the Galaxy






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