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New show!

A day early! (at the time of the drop)

Please enjoy!

Ozzy needs a Pagoda and a Ketamine Burrito

People think cats are their own species when in fact, they are just gay dogs

Some painful real life facepalms

Autism is now in vogue


UFP Crew Questions!

-          Requests for “C*nt of the Week”; this week “Hi-Tila Tequila”

-          Rover Red Charlie – Garth Ennis’ new work

-          The New Sin City movie

-          Disney’s acquisition of the Indiana Jones franchise

-          Our FINAL rant on The Walking Dead

-          All the Amazing Spider-man 2 news

-          A Sound of Thunder

-          Is watching Honey BooBoo grounds for leaving someone?

-          Ron Burgandy whoredom knows no bounds

-          Books we haven’t written



-          Australia’s only epic city in and epic example of epic-bad journalism

-          The worst baby names in 2013



-          Batman vs. Superman; should they just call it “Justice League”?

-          Wonder Woman casting

-          The bait ‘n’ switch of Brian’s death on The Family Guy

-          Terminator TV series to tie with the Terminator films reboot and we all wonder, “Why the fuck?”

-          Matt Smith meeting with JJ Abrams and now featuring in the latest “American Psycho” theater run

-          The new US Godzilla remake

-          Adam Sandler is Hollywood’s most overpaid star (what a shock right?)


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James Franco in Preacher, new Family Guy and Vin Diesel is…. KOJAK!!!

We are BACK! Sorry for the skip-a-doodle on last week’s ep. But we’re hoping this offering more than makes up for it.

So without further ado, let’s get to it!


We’ve been missed. Ah, bless!

White Ribbon Day; it’s what our society has become

Ian Watkins from Lost Prophets makes our skin crawl off our bodies and leaves on a plane to somewhere much, much better.

Alan Thicke must be so disappointed


UFP Crew Questions

-          The Moon or Mars; which would we live?

-          Dr Who 50th Anniversary edition

-          Our dream castings for the new Preacher series from AMC

-          We do math! (It’s as exciting as it sounds)

-          G Money’s voice acting gig on Bob’s Burgers

-          DC dropping the ball AGAIN with their Arrow series

-          Best soundtracks to comic books

-          G Money’s opinion on West Ham’s move

-          Jl8 comic is pretty neat! www.jl8.com




-          Real life “The Happening” a.k.a. Death by wind

-          Super fit mother removed from Facebook for hate crimes against the morbidly obese


NERD NEWS!!!! (@1 hour 19mins)

-          Sleeper film by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon

-          Elizabeth Olsen and Aaron Taylor-Johnson cast as Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver in Avergers: Age of Ultron

-          Moonknight by Warren Ellis and Declan Shaluey

-          Jeff Johns solo ongoing, rumors of Shazam

-          Paul Dini and Eduardo Risso on Vertigo with a renowned Batman character

-          Mark Waid and Chris Samnee staying on Daredevil renumbering

-          JJ Abrams Almost Human starring Karl Urban is very good

-          New Gen console releases and the first thoughts and launch titles

-          The new Family Guy episodes where the kill off Brian

-          Final Fantasy 4: The After years for IOS and android is rubbish apparently

-          Ys: Memories of Celceta

-          Lisa the Painful, the RPG with no women currently on Kickstarter http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/131274701/lisa-the-painful-rpg/

-          Vin Diesel wants Ang Lee to direct the Kojak movie… THERE’S a sentence I never thought I’d write!

-          “The Bent Bullet” viral marketing for Days of Future Past



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Netflix Marvel series, Channel 10’s constant rating disasters and Perth’s own “Flying Headbutt Man!”

WHOA NELLY! Was this ever a messy one! I think there are some bits still worth listening to…. Mmmm…. Maybe not. How about you folks decide and get back to me.


People in Perth are always trying to “Get Ahead”!

A quick plug for our What you should be Reading comic series

Golf NEEDS to go away forever

George Carlin IS the best man to ever live

Tiger’s got game


UFP Crew Questions

-          Mark Wahlberg Vs Mark Zuckerberg

-          Direct IM3 sequel starring the Mardarin or how to screw up a franchise from Lucas’ assistant

-          The Batfleck suit and why Kevin Smith has his panties in a twist

-          We still find Sasha Baron Cohen hilarious


Check out @TvNetworkNotes on Twitter to see how utter clueless TV Execs really are

Channel 10 in big trouble and C Bomb can officially see into the future as he predicted all of their horrendous shows would tank in the ratings

The white supremacist “Outed” on Trisha  



NERD NEWS (@ 1 hour)

-          The new Netflix Marvel series with Drew Goddard running Daredevil and Melissa Rosenberg running Jessica Jones

-          New Fantastic 4 movie debuts June 19th 2015

-          Assassin’s Creed movie drops August 7th 2015

-          Nightwing, Lex Luthor and Wonder Woman to appear in Batman Vs Superman

-          Robert Kirkman’s “Outcast” has already been optioned for a TV series

-          Extinction Parade by Max Brooks also optioned for a TV Series

-          Si Spurrier on X Force

-          Skottie Young on X Men Legacy

-          Storm ongoing series

-          Boom studios signs distribution with Diamond

-          Check out Batman: The Deal at moonheadpress.blogspot.co.uk

-          PAX AUS 3 day passes already sold out when they have over a year to go before the event

-          Nintendo goes super old school with their mah-jong set

-           Stevie Nicks to appear on American Horror Story: Coven

-          Why George A. Romero turned down directing episodes of The Walking Dead





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Better late than never eh?

Sorry for the lack of foot notes but I've had to pull a few strings to even get this to drop as early as I could.

I'll be updating this sometime soon.... I promise!

In the meantime, have a safe, spooky and happy Halloween!

The Dana Gould Hour is not ours and we don't own it.

Please visit the Dana Gould hour for more of his unique blend of craziness.

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Vanilla Ice struggles to maintain relevancy, crushing Katy Perry’s larynx and Mark Wahlberg is CASEY JONES!!!

Well…. If anything this episode proves that C Bomb should NEVER drink before the podcast ever again!

Anyways, on with the show…..


UFP Bonus goodies

C Bomb’s drinking

When even Ian McKaye says you’re “Beyond help”, you must be pretty messed up

UFP Merch ideas


UFP Crew Questions

-          The Fall shows we’re onto

-          The Crew’s reaction to The Walking Dead in General

-          No question too invasive, no proposition too embarrassing

-          Jackie Chan should ride a giant Australian boar to re-invigorate his career

-          Vanilla Ice struggles to maintain relevancy

-          Magical powers imbues us with the gift of Star Wars re-casting

-          Favorite comic book artists

-          Comic books into TV Shows

-          TV Show/characters into Comic Books


Explosive Professional Wrestling’s Re-Awakening XII!

Check it out and get tickets at www.epwperth.com


Special Brew’s video launch at The Bakery!


Comiczone’s Halloween Cosplay weekend!


Forgotten love and questions


NERD NEWS!!! (@ 1hour 26mins)

-          Captain America movie poster dropped

-          2 post credit scenes for Thor: Dark World

-          Trevor Slattery is coming back!!!

-          Alan Moore is “The Original Writer”

-          A + X ends at issue #18

-          Pre-production on the Batman/Superman film begins

-          Australians prefer single player games over multi player

-          Rockstar trolling the troll

-          Entourage much like Vanilla Ice, struggles to maintain relevancy

-          Sony requesting images of Beyond: Two Souls nudity hack

-          Wii now out of manufacture and the best and worst of the console’s run

-          Anchorman 2 trailer: Will Ferrell, you’re not funny and no-one cares


We go on to make the worst movie ever.



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Back in fine form! Let’s get to it!


It’s almost our 1st Birthday! HUZZAH!

CJ Ramone is the Shemp of the Ramones

Val Venis’ Adult’s only Macarena

Tommy Dreamer’s wife looks like Mama Fratelli


UFP Crew Questions!

-          The price of living in Perth

-          Halloween in Australia

-          C Bomb loves his Motrin

-          Eating lobsters

-          Halloween costume ideas

-          How your birth signs will predict your health

-          Higher learning got us where we are (jealous huh?)

-          Qatar gives the world another reason to hate them

-          Vanilla Ice give the world another reason to hate him




Exploding tattoo business is booming (pun INTENDED!)

This week in death: R.I.P. Mark “Chopper” Read, Tom Clancy and Phil Chevron

Chevron needs to know your vagina’s history


Movie Review: The Canyons



-          Masters of the Universe Movie delay

-          I Frankenstein trailer

-          Punisher fan film shut down by Marvel

-          Will Ferrell shills whats left of his soul

-          New York Comic Con

-          New Image series Outcast by Robert Kirkman and Paul Azaceta

-          Dynamite and Dark Horse to crossover Conan and Red Sonja

-          Who is Jake Ellis has now been optioned for a movie by Fox

-          Manapul and Buccelato to take over Detective Comics

-          Fantomex Max Review: 4/5

-          Hinterkind Review: 3.5/5

-          Watchdogs WiiU ahead of the curve

-          First looks at Beyond: Two Souls



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Gravity movie review, Breaking Bad farewell and Maito Guy and Strong Guy are not related.

Okay! We’re back in business baby!


Possible Birthday episode?

C Bombs’ “Tales from Hong Kong!!!!’


UFP Crew Questions

-          Superhero training

-          Most talent-less hacks

-          Stan Lee is ageless

-          Rebel Wilson’s success is disappointing on so many levels

-          Event to save DC

-          UFP t-shirts ???


The Landscaper webcomic

Vaderbomb – Fantastic band


Breaking Bad finale

The Blacklist TV show review

Sleepy Hollow TV show review

Atlantis TV show review



Gravity Movie review (@ 1 hour 6 mins)


Nerd News! (@ 1 hour 32 mins)


Foxs’ new “Gotham” series

New York comic con news

-          Global: Hickman/Spencer/Caselli

-          End of Superior Spider man: Slot/Camuncoli

-          Silver Surfer: Slot/Allred

-          She Hulk: Soule/Pulido

-          Corporate: David/Di Giandomenico


Game pad for iPhone/iOS7

Legend of Zelda: A link between worlds shakes up the traditional Zelda gameplay

Australia pirated Breaking Bad more than any other country in the world

Sonic to join latest Smash Brothers cast

World of Warcraft movie announced


Comic review

Sex Criminals: 5/5

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Miley Cyrus’ crack habit, Marky Mark’s GED and Pennywise lives!

Another late one…. Whadday gonna do?


Shout outs to our friends


UFP Questions

Miley Cyrus’ Crack habit

Desert Island discs

James Spader as Ultron

Agents of SHIELD

Breaking Bad


Nerd News

Mad Men Season 7 split into two parts

Better Call Saul confirmed

Jurassic World confirmed

Arnie potential casting in Avatar 2

Kelsey Grammer in Expendables 3

Marky Mark finally graduates High School

Pennywise lives!

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Berserk, Batman, the Biebs, Mighty Avengers and Villains Month: Harley Quinn

Better late than never eh?

Sorry for the delay on this one. Here goes.....
Live Tweets!
Elvis Trivia 
Read Berserk if you do't want to sleep
Best Batman story arcs
Best Elseworld stories
The Biebs as Robin
Nerd News
  • Rubbish video game characters
  • GTA V first reviews
  • Grant Gustin cast as The Flash in The Arrow and own spin off series
  • AMC confirms Walking Dead spin-off series
  • Mighty Avengers #1
  • Villains Month: Harley Quinn
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Riddick Review, The Australian Election and Michael Shannon to play both Elvis Presley AND Richard Nixon

We may sound funny to us, but we (hopefully) sound ok to you. Let’s get it on!


G Money thought Robbie Williams and Robin Williams were the same person for years.

We try to explain what happened with the Australian elections and what it might mean for us and the country


UFP Crew Questions!

-          It’s official, Iron Man 3 is terrible

-          New 52 Vs Marvel Now

-          Best/favourite Directors

-          Explaining the Australian elections via nerd/pop culture references

-          Yeast infections

-          Crabs

-          Thor 2 posters

-          Web shows we watch

-          Female superhero movies


You get to hear what we talk about over the break! It’s our reaction to the new Lobo.


Movie Review: Riddick


NERD NEWS! (@ 1 hour 29 mins)

-          JH Williams walks off Batwoman

-          CP Smith replaces Ben Templesmith on Ten Grand

-          All new Invaders by James Robinson and Steve Pugh

-          Harley Quinn Zero issue art contest

-          Casting news for Amazing Spiderman 2 and 3

-          Mortal Instruments future uncertain (GOOD!)

-          Michael Shannon to play Elvis Presley

-          iPhone 5S released and no-one cares!

-          Diablo 3 for PS3/Xbox360

-          How much it would cost to make Dr Wily’s castle from Mega Man 2

Comic reviews

-          Infinity #2

-          Forever Evil

-          Battle of the Atom



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