Ultimate Facepalm (general)

Well it’s the final UFP.


I’m sorry it’s taken so long to get it out there, but frankly I think I’ve just been putting it off so I didn’t have to deal with ending it! Haha!


It’s a long show so I hope you enjoy it. Thanks to everyone who even listened to a single episode, whether they liked it or not, and even more thanks to those who stuck around.


We love you all and made this little hobby of ours so much more gratifying. 


Thanks again and as the title goes, we’ll meet again my friends, we’ll meet again….



C Bomb

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It's finally here! What a fucking hassle!

Anyways, here goes…


UFP Crew Questions and Talk Topics!

UFP News!

Movie Review - Mad Max Fury Road

Nerd News!


 - Jason Blum responds to Jem movie trailer backlash

 - Doom 4 6 sec "trailer"

 - Supergirl trailer

 - Legends of Tomorrow


Comic Book review

 - Secret Wars Score: 7 out of 5 (yes you read right!)






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Hi Peeps!


Here’s the latest and *a-hem!* “greatest!


G’s hand is almost 100% and will be at Oz Comic Con (mostly likely)


Smart casual David Lee Roth on Ellen (?)


We will be answering some of the UFP Crew Questions on UFPTV!


We answer, wrap on the UFP Crew questions!


Nerd News!


Star Trek and Green Lantern cross over


Banjo Kazooie Movie rumor from WonderCon


Earthbound Sold Out on Club Nintendo


Who want’s to play a gay orc dating sim? The answer is, NO ONE!!!!!


Batman V Superman teaser trailer MIGHT happen!











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AH! The start of a new chapter with UFP Page (see what I did there?)

It’s a new format and like with all things new, it’ll probably be a bit rubbish. But… You get what you pay for.



UFP Crew Questions and Talk Topics

-          DCs cavalcade of made up movies

-          Netflix’ Daredevil pics/synopsis from NYCC

-          Dream casting for Dr Strange

-          Gotham thoughts again

-          Arrow season 3



Robert Downey Jr on board for Captain America 3 and possibly Iron Man 4 and being a part of Marvel Civil War

Marvels’ Achilles Heel, that isn’t an Achilles heel at all

Sabertooth is Wolverine

ScarJo offered lead In Ghost in the Shell live action US remake


The Evil Within IGN review







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Well, after much delay (my fault entirely), here is G Money's solo show, answering YOUR questons while C Bomb was overseas.

This was not recorded in the Kill or Be Killed Auditorium, thus the audio quality isn't as what you're accustomed to. But we're going for content over quality here and despite G not sounding anything like himself at the start, I'm sure you'll enjoy it ^_^

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C Bomb is Mel Gibson and G is Jodie Foster... If you disagree, you're wrong!

Let's get to it!
Rolf Harris! Fucking hell....
UFP Crew Questions
 - Image Founder Hate 'em or Rate 'em
 - Unwelcome photo comparisons 
 - Erasing Rolf Harris from history
 - The Flash pilot 
 - Constantine pilot
 - How long will Wolverine stay dead for?
 - Shows that are funny and that you should watch
 - We don't care about SDCC
 - Ragin' on Transformers 4
 - Nintendo Hate'em or Rate'em
 - DC's 180 back into shit territory
 - Constantine a non-smoker (not really)
 - iiNet doles out fightin' words that Foxtel is on borrowed time
 - Community's return via Yahoo
Movie reivews!
 - 22 Jump Street
 - Jersey Boys
 - The Monkey King (2014)
 - Andy Serkis confirmed as for mo-cap in Avengers 2 Age of Ultron and a starring role
 - Will we get a Planet Hulk movie?
 - Strong rumors that Kieron Gillen will be taking over Dr Strange
 - Arkham Manor and Gotham Academy 
 - Arrow Season 3 casts Devon Aoki as Katana
 - Sailor Moon reboot called Sailor Moon Crystal
 - Dragon Ball Xenoverse for PS4 and Xbox One
 - John Cena to star as a bad guy in Tina Fey's and Amy Poehler's comedy "The Nest"
Comic review!
 - Outcast by Robert Kirkman: 4.5/5


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We are BACK! (AGAIN!!!!)


Let’s get to this big bad show!


C Bomb’s trip to Hong Kong

Jamie Lannister’s non-appearance at Perth Supanova, but WE will be there!


Our pal Jarrad from Bang3r Photography will be helping/joining us!


Giant Godzilla shirt!

We now know what a Loot Crate is! YAY!

We now know what the Fragdolls are! BOO!

Check out The Attitude Era Podcast! It’s awesome!

Sun bears are the ursine equivalent of Mitch Hedberg

Barefeet in public = Rocket to the sun



UFP Crew questions and talk topics!

-          World cup and German Booger handshakes

-          E3, a.k.a. Sequel Mania’s highlights

-          Jason Momoa cast as Aqua man in a movie we won’t see for decades

-          Trailer Trashing with Tammy

-          Cliffhanger remake and why it will fail



-          R.I.P. Rik Mayall

-          R.I.P. Casey Kasem

-          IKEA threatens tiny site with legal action because they’re awesome

-          Sia tries to put a small Mom and Pop dry cleaner out of business because she’s a horrendous c*nt



-          Game of Thrones season finale sets new piracy records and Choice magazine says Foxtel is to blame

-          Josh Brolin confirmed as Thanos for future Marvel Movies

-          Vincent D’onofrio cast as Kingpin in the new Netflix Daredevil series

-          CBBC is bringing Danger Mouse back to our screens

-          Colin Firth drops out as the voice of Paddington Bear

-          Gantz full series review

-          Empty Man #1 Review

-          Original Sins #1

-          United States of Murder Inc review

-          Scooby Doo reboot announced right after Casey Kasem’s death

-          Power Puff Girls returning

-          Angrybirds Transformers…. WHY THE F*CK?!?!?


Twitter: twitter.com/ultim8facepalm

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ultim8facepalm


Website: www.ultimatefacepalm.com.au

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Well it’s a shorty but a goodie (?)

It’s admittedly not that great, but it’s still much better than about 90% of the podcasts out there, so enjoy!


SUPANOVA PERTH! We will be there! http://www.supanova.com.au/show-information/perth

Jamie Lannister a.k.a. Where’s Coster-Waldau?


UFP Crew Questions and Talk Topics

-          Was Forever Evil worth the wait?

-          Our take on Bogan Hunters

-          ONLY if Bobby Darin was a carpenter

-          New Doctor Who teaser trailer

-          Edgar Wright’s Ant Man departure

-          Charlie Cox cast as Daredevil and Daredevil’s new showrunner

-          Kevin Smith workin’ the craft services table on Batman V Superman

-          The A-Team movie; our take

-          Avenger’s fingers smell like Russian dressing…. Apparently

-          G Money is NOT an E-cigarette smoking twat

-          DC Comics is NOT cozying up to Dale Earnhardt Jr

-          Denzel Washington is The Equalizer and no one should care

-          Macaulay Culkin and his Pizza Underground; Why can’t they all be 6 feet underground

-          Gareth Edwards to direct new Star Wars spin off movie

-          John Wesley Schipp role in The Flash revealed

-          Brian K Vaughan leaves Under the Dome







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Hey ho, this late drop thing is almost becoming a regular thing….. Almost.

It’s a biggie this time around! Let’s get to it!


The Australian Budget…. Who cares right?

The all-new Rhymes with Geek network page! www.rhymeswithgeek.com

Nerdy Quiz Night Questions


UFP Crew Questions and Talk Tops!

-          The latest Batman pic from Zack Snyder

-          NBC’s Constantine/hellblazer trailer

-          R.I.P. HR Giger

-          Ian Watkins in fact DID NOT hang himself…. Sadly.

-          Channing Tatum is Gambit

-          New iZobie TV Show

-          Xbox One price drop

-          DC’s Futures End

-          Hate ‘em or Rate ‘em!


Movie review: Godzilla



-          Arrow Season 2 Finale

-          The Flash TV bumper/trailer

-          Agents of SHIELD series finale

-          Mario Kart 8 review (via IGN)

-          Flappy Bird returns!

-          Watch Dogs has gone gold i.e. no more delays!

-          Point Break re-casting

-          Rebel Wilson; Wide ass and miscast!

Comic Reviews!

-          Cyclops #1

-          Nailbiter #1


-          Miles Morales #1






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Well, it sure was a show…..


I’ll let you guys be the judge.


3 times in a season!

When Rafiki held up little Orphan Annie…

Free Comic Book day was INSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANE!!!!!!!!!!!!


Questions and Talk Topics

-          How we would describe each other

-          Our thoughts on the new Gotham trailers

-          If Michael Bay rebooted the classics

-          The irrelevancy of Shakespeare

-          Naming your child after comic book names

-          Best Free Comic Book Day books

-          Piracy in Australia and the Government’s intervention

-          Facepalming makes us happy,  but we’re not alive enough to tell anyone

-          Hate ’em or Rate ‘em!




-          Syfy adapts 4 different comic books to be made into TV series; Letter 44, Ronin, Clone and Pax Romana

-          Seth Rogen interviewed about the Preacher TV Series

-          Tim Blake Nelson cast as Mole Man in the latest Fantastic Four reboot

-          The Mummy reboot loses it’s director

-          Gerard Butler leaves the Point Break reboot

Comic Review: Amazing Spider Man #1!

-          Fox picks up new series Empire and Red Band Society

Video Game Review: The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC







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