Ultimate Facepalm (general)

Hooray Hoorah! Now that we’re out of the Bat-Cave you can hear our show without vomiting profusely.


Lets get to it!


Possible replacements for Craig Ferguson

What happened to episode 107?!?!

Sherbet: The Cock

A tip of the cap for the passing of one the best podcasts around; our commiserations to Super Podcasto Magnifico

You can find Superior Squirrel’s fundraising campaign here http://hcf.convio.net/site/TR/Harrisburg/General?team_id=1393&pg=team&fr_id=1146

Free Comicbook Day is just around the corner


UFP Crew Questions and Talk Tops!

-          Amazon wiping Comixology app

-          Shatner…. I’d fight William Shatner

-          The Clippers and the utter clusterf*ck that is Donald Sterling’s life

-          Arrow, Gotham, Watchdogs and Tossing One’s Salad

-          Podcasts WE listen to and G’s thoughts on Wil Anderson

-          Jack Black’s Goosebumps movie

-          Technology is slowing helping natural selection do it’s work




-          Star Wars Episode 7 initial casting has been revealed!

-          Justice League film confirmed, Ray Fisher cast as Cyborg and DC wanting to release nine more films (mostly Vertigo stuff really)

-          Penny Dreadful TV Series

-          Original Sin #0 Review

-          Death Of Wolverine

-          Deadpool Vs X-Force

-          Axis: The new X Men and Avengers crossover event

-          Marvel’s 100 years later

-          Angela, Sister of Thor and Loki

-          X Box Originals’ TV adaptation of Warren Ellis’ Gun Machine

-          Video game about masturbation really is a pile a wank

-          Justin Kurzel revealed to direct the Assassin’s Creed movie








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We recently checked out Captain America: The Winter Soldier. 

Here is a very comprehensive review, rife with spoilers so listen with caution!


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Well it’s a late one, but we don’t apologize as we have a new episode for you, RIGHT HERE!!!


Oz Comic Con: We didn’t go but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t any good!


UFP Crew Questions and our answers!

-          What is this “Terminus” everyone keeps talking about?

-          The Rock in the latest Hercules movie

-          The X Men Days of Future Past trailer

-          White Lies show review

-          We ask one of our UFP crew a question or two!

-          Are we Trekkies?

-          George Brandis is a c*cksucker and he should be happy that I should able to call him that

-          Almost Human potential non-renewal

-          Oculus Rift and the advent of the latest Virtual Reality technology

-          Superpowered Scarjo kills everyone

-          Confirmed! We are living in a multiverse

-          Dogecoin Nascar. Just….. such wow.

-          Our coffee table book about coffee tables

-          Captain America or Captain Oakwood? Which do we choose?

-          Stand alone titles in the DC/Marvel universe


Nerd News!!!!

-          Batman V Superman open casting

-          Age of Ultron set photos

-          Movie mini reviews: Muppets Most Wanted and The Raid 2

-          The latest Gotham tv pics

-          The latest TMNT trailer

-          Comic reviews
Ghost Rider #1
American Vampire: Second Cycle #1
Daredevil #1







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Well so much for being quiet and low-key as per a very small part of our intro!

Here’s the show!


“Kate Winslet’s Bear Blaze” isn’t the name of some awesome chronic

Casey Donovan’s fake boyfriend

Secrets and Lies continues it’s descent into televisual obscurity

PROTIP: Ronan Keating has never played Batman in the films


Questions and Talk Topics!!!

-          Terry Crews as Luke Cage

-          Vettel is a giant crybaby that nobody likes evidently

-          The new Cosmos series

-          Steve Martin Vs Robin Williams

-          NFL wants over $16 million from rapper M.I.A.

-          Jeremy Clarkson’s “Roger Mellie” moment

-          A Melbourne man in New Zealand (probably) gets one of the dumbest names ever


Movie review!

Mr Peabody and Sherman


Nerd News!

-          Fantastic Four: Clusterf*ck

-          Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver concept art

-          Disney Pixar FINALLY announces The Incredibles 2! (and Cars 3 but who gives a sh*t about that)

-          Charlie Brown movie trailer

-          John Cena cast in a Judd Apatow movie

-          Ghostbusters 3 is still going ahead…. Oh dear.

-          Captain America 3 is scheduled to go head-to-head with the Superman/Batman/Justice League/Whatever the f*ck they’re calling it in 2016

-          Larfleeze series has been cancelled

-          Infinity Man and The Forever People

-          Rumours of DC to buy Dynamite

-          Brian Michael Bendis says there will be a sequel to the Spider Man/Miles Morales story

-          Wolverine’s “dying” but no one should care


-          Comic review: Secret Avengers #1

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No “H” on our foreheads as we are not hard-light holograms… or are we???

What a terrible lead-in! This surely is a great omen for the upcoming show!
Let’s get to it!



Alan Davies heckling of G Money


Much love to our geek-podcast brethren and just WHO IS the flagship show of the Rhymes With Geek podcast network???


G Money to start his own Twitter! And has his own comics column in an actual magazine! Will wonders never cease!?


Check out @the_ironsheik on Twitter for the best laugh in a long time


Waluigi was NOT recently inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame


Talk topics and questions!

-          Is Hank Pym too old? Why does Juan Daeho sound like a housewife from Brooklyn?

-          If you see ‘Lone Survivor’ you will be shot! (if you text in front of an insane man in Florida)

-          Dan Slott readies the return of Peter Parker

-          How long will it take for Marvel to become dicks and lose their integrity

-          Fox’s new Gotham origins series; “Gotham High”

-          A bit love from our UFP Crew

-          Do we rate Game of Thrones?

-          Johnny Depp as Doctor Strange?

-          Do we prefer PC or Mac?




-          Gabourey Sidibe trolls the trolls

-          David O Russell’s interview faux pas

-          Irish man’s seven week erection

-          We officially apologize for Neknominate




-          Magic the Gathering film

-          Bill Paxton joins Agents of SHIELD and Stan Lee to cameo

-          DC launches Secret Origins

-          Intelligence TV series

-          True Detective and Helix TV Series

-          Season 3 finale of Sherlock

-          Jesse Plemons in cast in the new Star Wars films

-          PS3 Vs PS4 analysis via Tomb Raider

-          The Last of Us wins IGNs 2013 Game of the Year and their new single-player DLC campaign

-          The Dark Horse Buffy re-launch


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Happy New Year UFP friends!

A touch time poor at the moment, so I'll try to get these full show notes up as soon as I am able, but for now, please enjoy the show!

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Hello there!

Nothing “clever” to say today.

Here’s the show!


Starship Troopers is a great movie and we provide reasons

Battlefield Earth is a life-crushingly awful and we provide reasons

YO JOE! Where are your arms!?!?

Go-bots and Rock Lords creative department were worth every penny!

Special shout out to our UFP Subscriber Craig Parillo; http://craigdrawings.blogspot.com

When TMZ reports C Bomb’s death, feel free to laugh it up!

Westboro Baptist Church being bigger media whores then Lindsay Lohan

We can save Hollywood Jews millions with the latest Fast and the Furious

Independence Day has not aged well, whereas Jurassic Park has


UFP Crew Questions

-          Amazing Spider Man 2 rumors

-          Our wishes should a Genie come into our lives

-          Don’t stress the regenerations

-          Ranting on The Walking Dead (Again!)

-          'Swallowed By Satan': On Becoming A Gay Nazi Porn Star Witch

-          We honestly don’t know what the Fox says and we’re damn proud of it

-          Bitstrips shitting on Bitstrips

-          Doc Fluxx (Feed it Comics) pitches his alternate reality movies




-          Thieves be thievin’, just in time for Christmas!

-          New report tells us the glaringly obvious truth; Australian teens are getting dumber



-          CW Network announced another DC TV series: Young Justice

-          To possibly appear on The Arrow TV series; Solomon Grundy, The Question and Red Hood

-          DC trademark registered, but it’s for “David Copperfield”. I think Detective Comics have a legal summons to send…

-          The Hourman TV Series and it’s channelling of Dial H

-          Jeff Lemire and his cryptic tweet for Justice League of America

-          David S Goyer looking to do Booster Gold, Team 7 and Deathstroke movies for just $20 million

-          Brand new re-numbering and story arc for Wolverine and the X Men

-          Ben Affleck wants comic book movies to be legit

-          Next-gen consoles have arguably better graphics than previous gen

-          Lindsay Lohan wishes she looked as good as the characters in GTA V

-          Nancy Silberkliet in deep trouble at Archie Comics



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The Melbourne Cup, Hipsters and Miley Cyrus makes out with old bags of skin

Looking very spiffy in our vomit-covered rented suits, here is the latest episode in all it’s “glory”


The Melbourne Cup continues to annoy and perplex us

Goddamn Vegans

Remember, remember the 5th of November…. For annoying the piss out of us!

Those dirtbags over at The Boxed Whine….



UFP Crew questions


-          Ejecting people into space

-          Freakin’ hipsters

-          Who has the bigger hog?

-          Batman Origins

-          Best “starting point” comics

-          Antechinus: the only animal who likes to play FPSs

-          Sandman: Overture

-          Chocolate potato chips

-          “Five years later” for New 52



Oprah can’t do the Twitter

Miley Cyrus moves of from old boyfriend by making out with old talentless bags of pale white skin

Former world’s fattest man finds love


NERD NEWS!!! (@ 1 hour 9 mins)

-          Hourman CW TV series

-          All New Marvel Now

-          Kamala Khan, the new Ms Marvel

-          Vince Gilligan on Community

-          Hugh Jackman and James Mangold in talks for new Wolverine film

-          Jim Starlin Thanos project

-          Stormtrooper vibrators?

-          Camp WWE is a horrible, horrible idea

-          Bruce Campbell shoots down Army of Darkness 2

-          Ouya hits over 500 games

-          Videos actually BUILD your brains, not rots them!

-          The Kane and Lynch movie is going to happen (?)

-          Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag review

-          The Mandarin retcon



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UFP 1st Birthday, Prisoners movie review and New York Comic Con


We have officially turned One Year old! And with age comes wisdom…. But while we’re still waiting for that to come around, here’s the show.


Channel 10’s ‘Wake Up’ is now the latest disaster to arrive on our TVs

Love from our Crew and some favourite moments on the show


UFP Crew Questions

-          Potential Disney/DC crossovers

-          Confusing lists of Men

-          We explain the rules of “Knifey-Spooney”

-          DC Villains month wrap up

-          Comic recommendations

-          The future of UFP


Abysmal Hercules Trailer!

The man who donated Crystal Meth to flood victims

Sir Anthony Hopkins love letter to Bryan Cranston


Movie Review: Prisoners


Nerd News (@ 1 hour 7 mins)

-          Shit Nerds Never Say

-           NEW YORK COMIC CON!!!!

-          Plush Rocket Racoon now on Ebay for $110!

-          Miracle Man returns!!!!

-          Silver Surfer ongoing by Dan Slott and Mike Allred

-          Fantastic Four wrap up and re-launch

-          Secret Avengers by Ales Kot and Michael Walsh

-          Loki: Agent of Asgard by Al Ewing and Lee Garbett

-          Punisher by Nathan Edmundson and Mitch Gerads

-          Elektra by Zeb Wells and Mike Del Mundo

-          Ghost Rider by Felipe Smith and Tradd Moore

-          New Warriors by Chris Yost and Marcus To

-          She Hulk by Charles Soule and Javier Pulido

-          All New X-Factor by Peter David and Carmine Di Giandomenico

-          Marvel – Revolutionary War

-          Avengers Undercover by Dennis Hopeless and Kev Walker

-          DC: Five years later

-          Detective Comics 75th Anniversary: Frank Miller returns

-          Batman Eternal – Stephanie Brown returns

-          Green team, Vibe and Katana cancelled

-          Kevin Smith and Walt Flanagan Batman miniseries

-          Transformers/GI Joe Series by IDW

-          Greg Rucka: Veil by Dark Horse

-          Ant Man: Joseph Gordon Levitt or Paul Rudd

-          Zach Whedon on a Serenity follow up for Dark Horse

-          Watch Dogs delayed until Q2 2014

-          Australians excited about PS4, other next gens not so much




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Ben Affleck as Batman, Pepsi flavored Cheetos and Idris Elba screams “The Warriors shot Cyrus!”

It’s G Money’s Birthday so don’t expect anything to make any sense (even less so than usual)

Enough faffing about, let’s get to it!


Miley Cyrus at the MVAs – Lose your mind or J.J. Dillon

Ben Affleck as Batman; Amazing and horrifying internet response

Give me $9.2 million and we’ll lose or gain as much weight as you’d like!


UFP Crew Questions

-          Riff Raff for Australian Prime Minister

-          Pepsi-flavored Cheetos: The world is officially on the decline

-          Comic book recommendations

-          Our thoughts on current Pro-wrestling promotions

-          Neil Armstrong: R.I.P.

-          You too can now SMELL like an Avenger (maybe)


Nerd News!

-          Bryan Cranston (more than likely) cast as Lex Luthor for a 6 movie deal

-          Justice League of America/Trinity War will make the internet explode

-          Justice League of Canada…..?

-          Lobo’s new origin/look is ‘hot garbage’

-          James Robinson on two unnamed Marvel ongoing titles

-          Mike Del Mundo on Superior Spider Man team up

-          Christopher Eccelston teases a Dr Who return in the 50th anniversary episode

-          New trailer for Jackass’ ‘Bad Grandpa’

-          Sega Australia’s attempt at re-releasing classic Sega titles

-          American Horror Story: Coven release date and new teaser trailer

-          Killer is Dead review

-          Saints Row 4 review


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