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The World’s End Review, The Flash TV Series and MyFreeImplants.com

Fast, loose and long; That’s how we like it here.

Another long one here, so let’s get at it.


Creepy intro

The fun we’re not allowed to have in Australia

C Bomb confuses Mr Muscle with Mr Clean

#People…… are get-ting fatter#

Giant German Baby

We talk all things Matthew Mcconaughey in our new segment “Matt Chat”* (*Not a real thing)

The Evil Dead remake


UFP Crew Questions!

-          Why?

-          Best and worst comic/cartoon real life portrayals

-          Super Cool Indie game! Metal Dead www.walkthruwalls.com CHECK IT!

-          Ramming Speed. If you like thrash check them at www.rammingspeed.bigcartel.com

-          Why Trinity War is such a non-event

-          We’re just some jealous guys…….

-          I am but a half man, half sausage beast!

-          Guess who’s working heel tonight?

-          Best Pro Wrestling ring entrances




Big Brother Australia is back and officially no-one cares!


Kesha is other-worldly gross!


MOVIE REVIEW – The World’s End


NERD NEWS! (at 1 hour 33 mins)

-          CW planning The Flash TV series and our casting picks

-          Trask Industries website is amazing! Check it www.trask-industries.com/

-          Under The Dome renewed for a 2nd season

-          Breaking Bad final series teaser

-          Star Wars 30th Anniversary European Celebration

-          Nick Frost and Simon Pegg do not want to be in the new Star Wars films

-          Dexter spin off confirmed, but no indication as to with which character

-          Quick Nvidia Shield review courtesy of IGN

-          Nintendo’s Wii U sales dive while the company floats off the back of the success of the 3DS

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Chrissie Swan's ashtray child, the Superb Owl and Richard the 3rd's corpse

Hey there UFP people!

C bomb enrages G Money by bringing news stories of two of his most hated and fattest women; Chrissie Swan and Gina Rinehart.

The guys also talk about Beyonce's face, the ever-present current of racism in Australia as prevalent with this season of "MY Kitchen Rules" and G Money nerds up on a possible Planet Hulk film, the Iron Man and much moar!

Plus nerd news, movie reviews and a foot in your ass!

Emails: cbomb@ultimatefacepalm.com.au


Twitter and Facebook: @ultim8facepalm and /ultim8facepalm

UFP Hotline: +61 434 680 837

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Jack White is sure as hell no Freddie Mercury, DC/Marvel circle jerk and more proof that Beliebers are incredible dullards


I'm so sorry for all the residual noise from all the fucking planes! We tried our best to drown it out with our mouth-words.

Just focus on the sounds of our sweet, fruity, baritones and all shall be ok...

On this episode;

Cooking reality shows need to fuck off

"You can't auto-tune cooking." - G Money

Being aware of being a shitbag, doesn't excuse shitty behaviour

Jack White - Oh fucking dear......!

Freddie Mercury - Oh fucking yes!

Baz Lehrman has NOT signed on to do Transformers 5!

Our (relatively short) take on the Connecticut Massacre

G Money starting the CKP (Communist Knife Party)


Germ-a-phobe retards are turning their kids into world-class pussies

Beliebers are incredibly fucked

The supermarkets are watching you!

44 year old Chinese women are Public Enemy #1

"What have they got on their utility belts....?"

Balls of the Apocalypse


Pacific Rim Trailer looks mighty spiffy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-ZcqwvQbas

G Money will someday become Gendo Ikari

Oblivion Trailer - Looks good but Tom Cruise is still playing himself

New Batman: Death in the Family news

DC/Marvel Circle Jerk

Stopping shit on Stephanie Brown

Bad Brains/Charlie Brown mash up: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/12/11/bad-brains-charlie-brown-christmas-mashup-video_n_2278160.html

China "Out-junk foods" the US: http://www.toplessrobot.com/2012/12/pepsi_chicken_potato_chips_china_junk_food.php

Emails: cbomb@ultimatefacepalm.com.au


Twitter and facebook: @ultim8facepalm and /ultim8facepalm

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