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Hello all! Another late drop but it is as sweet as an early one, let me tell you!


Watch us cringe at the mention of the “Mirakuru”

Free comic book day and Supanova are just around the corner


UFP Crew questions and talk tops!

-          Sam Hackson in Die Hard 6

-          Johnny Depp wanted to be the King of Bhutan

-          Movies based on video games

-          The Garlic Jr Saga did indeed suck

-          How our show is negatively impacting listener’s social skills

-          We DO NOT say “G’Day!”

-          Avengers Assemble? More like “Avengers A-shamble”

-          Kevin Smith does ANOTHER Clerks movie

-          Foxtel having a massive cry about Game of Thrones in Australia

-          We HATE pants!

-          Best faces and heels outside of wrestling





-          Bryan Singer youth sex accusations

-          New The Last of Us DLCs

-          New The Evil Within trailer from PAX East

-          Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – All Star Battle slated for Western release

Comic reviews!

-          Batman Eternal #1

-          Iron Fist #1

-          Shutter #1












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Hey-ho…. Another day, another podcast….

What am I saying?!?! If we did a show a day, we’d probably die!.... Die doing what we love, but die nonetheless.

Instead of dying, we made you this….



Our prime minister (Mr Rabbit), tries to bring back the Dames and Knighthoods but the Queen told him to step off and they threw down (possibly)

G’s travels across our great southern wasteland

C Bomb explains the two definitions of “Hang 10”

The animals C Bomb lives near


UFP Crew Questions

-          Is the Sinister 6 in Spider Man 2 too much?

-          The effects of Captain America Winter Soldier on Agents of Shield

-          Check out Radio-blitz.com as they want us to join them

-          Truth or dare? We choose the cop out answer!

-          Original TMNT comic availability

-          90s cartoons getting the “gritty reboot” treatment

-          Callan Mulvey in Batman Vs Spiderman????

-          Frisky Dingo Vs Archer



-          2 Chains still on the Sizzurp

-          Pakistan is still rubbish

-          55 year old man fashions black hole into the side of his head

-          How to not make cheese toast

-          The Ultimate Warrior R.I.P.



-          Our dream comic mash ups of creators on new projects

-          The happy, optimistic zombie show from SyFy

-          The return of Game of Thrones

-          The pick of the bunch for the next 60 anime releases for Q2 2014

-          New Smash Bros news for 3DS and WiiU

-          New Teen Titans

-          New Nightwing title

-          New Deathlok title

-          Goonies 2 and Gremlins remake

-          Holly Hunter “cast” as Leslie Thompkins in the Batman V Superman movie

-          Inhuman #1 review!

-          The Last of Us is coming to PS4

-          Blizzards’ new company: Overwatch

-          Nathan Fillion’s live-trolling of his possible involvement in Guardians of the Galaxy






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We recently checked out Captain America: The Winter Soldier. 

Here is a very comprehensive review, rife with spoilers so listen with caution!


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Well it’s a late one, but we don’t apologize as we have a new episode for you, RIGHT HERE!!!


Oz Comic Con: We didn’t go but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t any good!


UFP Crew Questions and our answers!

-          What is this “Terminus” everyone keeps talking about?

-          The Rock in the latest Hercules movie

-          The X Men Days of Future Past trailer

-          White Lies show review

-          We ask one of our UFP crew a question or two!

-          Are we Trekkies?

-          George Brandis is a c*cksucker and he should be happy that I should able to call him that

-          Almost Human potential non-renewal

-          Oculus Rift and the advent of the latest Virtual Reality technology

-          Superpowered Scarjo kills everyone

-          Confirmed! We are living in a multiverse

-          Dogecoin Nascar. Just….. such wow.

-          Our coffee table book about coffee tables

-          Captain America or Captain Oakwood? Which do we choose?

-          Stand alone titles in the DC/Marvel universe


Nerd News!!!!

-          Batman V Superman open casting

-          Age of Ultron set photos

-          Movie mini reviews: Muppets Most Wanted and The Raid 2

-          The latest Gotham tv pics

-          The latest TMNT trailer

-          Comic reviews
Ghost Rider #1
American Vampire: Second Cycle #1
Daredevil #1







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Well so much for being quiet and low-key as per a very small part of our intro!

Here’s the show!


“Kate Winslet’s Bear Blaze” isn’t the name of some awesome chronic

Casey Donovan’s fake boyfriend

Secrets and Lies continues it’s descent into televisual obscurity

PROTIP: Ronan Keating has never played Batman in the films


Questions and Talk Topics!!!

-          Terry Crews as Luke Cage

-          Vettel is a giant crybaby that nobody likes evidently

-          The new Cosmos series

-          Steve Martin Vs Robin Williams

-          NFL wants over $16 million from rapper M.I.A.

-          Jeremy Clarkson’s “Roger Mellie” moment

-          A Melbourne man in New Zealand (probably) gets one of the dumbest names ever


Movie review!

Mr Peabody and Sherman


Nerd News!

-          Fantastic Four: Clusterf*ck

-          Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver concept art

-          Disney Pixar FINALLY announces The Incredibles 2! (and Cars 3 but who gives a sh*t about that)

-          Charlie Brown movie trailer

-          John Cena cast in a Judd Apatow movie

-          Ghostbusters 3 is still going ahead…. Oh dear.

-          Captain America 3 is scheduled to go head-to-head with the Superman/Batman/Justice League/Whatever the f*ck they’re calling it in 2016

-          Larfleeze series has been cancelled

-          Infinity Man and The Forever People

-          Rumours of DC to buy Dynamite

-          Brian Michael Bendis says there will be a sequel to the Spider Man/Miles Morales story

-          Wolverine’s “dying” but no one should care


-          Comic review: Secret Avengers #1

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So this ep is a little old in the fact it was recorded a few days before it’s release. But just like a questionably smell bottle of milk, I still think it’s pretty fresh.

Let’s check it….



Rantin’ on Rinehart

Wildfire radio! We’re on it! Be sure to check it? www.wildfireradio.com

The creepy phenomenon that is the Malaysian Airline disaster


UFP Crew Questions and Talk Tops!

-          Top 5 movies that shouldn’t have been made.

-          What it would cost to keep us poddin’ more regularly

-          Italian Man got more than he bargained for with a visit to the knocking shop…. Probably.

-          Our top 5 comic book writers

-          Fear our timezone!!!

-          Transformers stickers on cars

-          Our platforms as leaders of our State of Western Australia



-          Bieber to become the double cup king

-          Frank Ocean sue by Chipotle

-          Beyonce pushes the boundaries of blowhardyness by trying to justify using a sample from the Challenger disaster

-          Kesha has slightly changed her name, but still maintains her utter disgustingness



-          Sin City 2 trailer

-          Crowd funding for a Shaq Fu sequel

-          Comixology Hacked

-          Leaking spoilers in Japan can now get you into deep trouble

-          Idris Elba cast in Jon Favreau’s new Jungle Book movie

-          Constantine casting news

-          Gary Oldman to produce The Diabolic TV series

-          Leaving Megalopolis to be published by Dark Horse

-          Battle Creek, new TV series from Vince Gilligan starring Dean Winters and Kal Penn

-          Sony looking to make a live action The Last of Us movie

-          Deus Ex’s Facebook page needs better staff!

Comic review!

-          Moon Knight 4.5/5









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 It’s a deal, it’s a steal, the sale of the freakin’ century…. Not really. It’s actually a podcast! Let’s have a listen….


Wildfire Radio, we’re part of it, so get on it!


C Bomb’s Birthday

Check out our new sponsors for UFP, tfaw.com


Thanks to our good friend Luke Caporn for the preview screeners for tonight’s movie review; check out his exploits from here https://twitter.com/capey

You like podcasts? You want to start your own and need a hand? Our buddy Mark Bogner over at the Tangent Bound Podcast wants to help! Hit him up here; http://thesquarerootofnegativeone.com/

Channel 10, will they ever learn! Secrets and Lies is a colossal flop!

All the news, rants and rave about the Oscars 2014

-          Ellen’s “epic” selfie

-          Leo misses out again

-          People who didn’t deserve their Oscars

-          Woody Allen: Pedo or not?

-          Razzie winners


UFP Crew Questions and Talk Topics

-          LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Maximum Overload, have we seen it?

-          Bates Motel and Hannibal Season 2, are we watching?

-          Making “The Runaways” into a Marvel movie franchise

-          Making a change from the Batman games

-          Zack Snyder saving “The Watchmen” movie



The Dalai Lama can piss off!

Vince McMahon, CEO of the WWE empire, sharts himself as part of a “joke”

50 Cent perpetuates a fake ‘gangsta rap’ feud




NERD NEWS!!! (@ 1 hour 35mins)

-          Transformers Age of Extiction trailer

-          New Batman Arkham Knight game

-          Fantastic Four reboot director confirms the new film will be a pleasant departure from the “original” Fantastic Four movies

-          Anchorman 3 WILL NOT HAPPEN!!!!

-          Second half season 2 Arrow trailer

-          First look at Grant Gustin as The Flash in the new series

Comic reivews

-          Revenge #1: 2.5/5

-          Deadly Class #2: 5/5


Subscribe for bonus content here!



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Well, 100 episodes already! It seems like only yesterday, we were just two douchebags in front of very cheap mics talking about all sorts of crap…. Waitaminute… It doesn’t feel that way at all… That felt like a Monk’s lifetime ago.

Everything is going black.

Why do I feel so time ravaged?

Quickly! Let’s move onto the show!



New proud new members of Wildfire Radio!

C Bomb distracted by bands and assholes

G Money causes a small country town to completely lose power (what do you mean it wasn’t his fault?)

Check out www.thewarofsilliness.com for all their silly, monkey spanking, queen & country loving, silly needs. Check it out asap!



UFP Crew Questions and Talk Topics!

-          Polybagging

-          Necrophilia Pros and Cons

-          Going Crazy!

-          Who will direct, star in and do the soundtrack to the film of the UFP story

-          Our thoughts on the Arizona Anti-Gay laws

-          Comic Book Girl 19

-          Who would join us as our intrepid crew for deep-space exploration?

-          Biggest UFP Celebrity C*nt Award

-          How we would describe each other

-          What’s in the pipeline for UFP in 2014

-          How many times we’ve wanted to punch each other in the face

-          “Oh comics are for kids!”

-          Gerry Anderson and the live action Captain Scarlet rumours

-          Identical twin sex rules

-          Death by Autocannibalism

-          Guilty pleasures

-          Most ridiculous wrestler ever

-          Getting’ up in C Bomb’s business




Burger King: Now serving “Bitch Ass Hoes”

Idiots lose money as they bought something that doesn’t exist in Bitcoins

Pharrell’s stupid huge floppy hat now selling on eBay



NERD NEWS! (At 1 hour 52 mins)

-          Akira Toriyama is not a hack

-          RIP Harold Ramis and Roger Hill

-          Captain America Winter Soldier TV spots coming out as potential spoilers

-          Digital comics ownership laws

-          The oldest looking, raggediest copy of The Walking Dead #1 goes for way more money than it’s really worth

-          Godzilla trailer

-          Jason Momoa on turning down the role of Drax the Destroyer

-          Fantastic Four casting

-          The latest developments in the X Men Days of Future Past movie

-          ‘Heroes Reborn’ mini-series

-          NY Comic Con about….. comics????

-          Matt Ryan cast as Constantine

-          Bryan Hitch on both art and writing on Wonder Woman

-          Dr Strange directing rumors

-          Ales Kot confirmed writing a ‘Zero’ TV pilot

-          Lebron James cast in Space Jam 2

-          White Suits #1 review 2.5/5

-          New Warriors #1 review 3/5

-          Alex and Ada review 4.5/5

-          Cary Fukunaga moves on from True Detective to several other projects

-          WWE’s Sheamus to play Eddie Brock?

-          South Park Stick of Truth censorship outside the US




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PHEW!!!! I know I’ve started liner notes that no one read like this before, but this episode is, as they say, a dozy!

Watch your step, mind your head and be prepared to ride the lightning…… Probably.



The movin’s and the shakin’s over the next few eps and merch and stuff

G Money is once again a disgusting diseased mess

E Plate Drivers; do they exist in other countries?

More folks to be put on the plane to the sun; Mechanophiles


UFP Crew Questions and Talk Tops

-          Internet TV Vs Cable Subscriptions

-          Yes, we are well….

-          Guardians of the Galaxy  posters, trailers and all the other excitement

-          We explain TwitchPlaysPokemon

-          Australian Comics DO exist and we talk about some worth reading

-          Mark Zuckerberg as Lex Luther

-          Jack Bauer has now sunk to committing B&Es

-          It’s all Jake Gyllenhaal’s fault we’ve been subjected to Taylor Swift’s whining

-          Anders Brevik having a cry about his PS2 games


Movie Reviews

-          Only Lovers Left Alive

-          Oldboy



-          The passing of Bob 2 aka Bob Casale of Devo fame and Nelson ‘Big Daddy V’ Frazier Jr…. Good night sweet Princes.

-          Celebrating the end of the Year Of Luigi

-          BioShock Studio Irrational Games shuts down

-          Latest PS4 unit sales

-          The Movement cancelled

-          Tom Hardy joins Peaky Blinders season 2

-          Cyclops ongoing series by Rucka and Dauterman


-          The Bunker #1

-          X Force #1

-          Batman #28





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Ender’s Game movie review, The Flash and Gotham TV series and Schapelle Corby; What a mess!

We got it!

We know where we stand on the RWG podcast network!

We’re not the flagship…

We’re not the Jefferson Starship…

We are in fact….. THE GUNSHIP!!!!!!!

Don’t believe us? Just take a listen to this latest offering….



So you think you can dance Australia; Channel Ten can of course do better than the rest of the world

True Detectives: Filling the good TV gap Breaking Bad has left behind

The Walking Dead: We explain it’s success

Check out Teeth! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0780622/

G Money’s twitter: @GMoneyUFP


Talk Tops and Questions


-          Geographic pride and why doesn’t matter

-          Invincible (Robert Kirkman’s other property)

-          Comics and movies that capture the spirit of True Detectives

-          The Sochi Winter Olympics is a goddamn mess and thanks to Twitter, it’s no secret

-          Do we rate Action Jackson

-          We either confirm or deny the Dumb Laws in Australia

-          Questions about The Flash and Gotham series we covered in the Nerd News section

-          Ultimate Spider Man fan made poster with some interesting casting decisions

-          Anything C Bomb and G Money DON’T Agree on???

-          Why can’t celebrities not be cunts?

-          Living as Bieber/Shia in a trade-off for the “fame”

-          G Money to oust Bobby Tufts from Dorset

-          Clay Aiken can also fuck off

-          Fools pay too much for Flappy Bird




-          David Koch does something decent for once

-          The goddamn shit-mess that is Schapelle Corby

-          Sam Jackson and Laurence Fishburne need to stop shilling awful products in ads and focus on their craft (I.e. acting)

-          Brynne Edelsten; Once again broke and giving handies for a sandwich







-          Ben McKenzie cast as Jim Gordon in the new Gotham TV Series

-          Paul Bettany cast as The Vision for Avengers 2

-          Jaume Collet-Serra set on ruining Akira

-          TNT’s cancellation of Mob City

-          John Wesley Shipp and Tom Cavanagh to join the cast of the new Flash TV series

-          Loki, Agent of Asgard #1 review (3.5/5)

-          Ms Marvel #1 review (4.5/5)

-          Greta Gerwig to star in “How I Met Your Dad”





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